DiSC Certification

Everything DiSC Certification

Everything DiSC Workplace® Trainer Certification

In-Person or Online

As an authorized Everything DiSC® Partner, we are able to offer you the official Everything DiSC Workplace® Certification. We provide three training options for Everything DiSC Certification. The online training and the in-person training in Minneapolis are conducted by the publisher’s own team of trainers and educators.

We recently partnered with the publisher to provide an additional in-person option at our office in Lancaster, PA. Our training is conducted by Rick and Susan Stamm, who have being utilizing and teaching DiSC for over 30 years.

Please note that certification is not required to use, administer, or purchase Everything DiSC profiles and assessments. However, facilitators who have attended our training report that certification provided them with greater knowledge and confidence in using the Everything DiSC products. Certification may carry a certain value-added benefit to some employers, clients, or customers seeking your services.

Our three certification options include:

We are happy to answer any questions you have: (847) 259-0005.