Everything DiSC Certification Overview

Everything DiSC® Certification is a training course for trainers, coaches, and learning professionals. The course teaches DiSC theory, history, and how to run an engaging Everything DiSC training. Certification is not required to coach or conduct a workshop using any of the Everything DiSC applications.

We offer two DiSC certification options. Each option has one week of pre-work followed by time spent in the classroom, either digitally or in-person. Following the classroom training, you will complete an open-note exam to finish your certification requirements. After completing any of our DiSC Certification courses, you are eligible to receive SHRM PDCs. Additionally, we will award you the credential of Everything DiSC Workplace Certified Facilitator.

What does DiSC Certification Cost?

 $1,995.00/Person (requires Everything DiSC facilitation materials). Register for $2,795 and receive the Facilitation materials at a $400 discount.

DiSC Certification FAQ

We have certified 100s of trainers and coaches over the years. Here is a list of frequently asked questions. If you want to get more in-depth, read our post on DiSC Certification questions!

The DiSC model has become an integral training program in organization's large and small across the world. For this reason, we offer a DiSC certification course to help HR professionals, Learning & Development professionals, coaches and consultants to quickly learn how to use this tool within their organization or with their clients.


Our organization has taught and trained with DISC since 1986. We are licensed to deliver the Everything DiSC Workplace certification course. Upon completion, participants in our course will receive a certificate from the publisher of Everything DiSC, John Wiley & Sons, and a chance to receive 15 SHRM Professional Development credits.

Our Everything DiSC Workplace Certification course costs $1,995 if you already have already purchased the facilitation program. If you don't have these materials you would need to register for the course for $2,795.

There are three primary benefits to completing our DiSC Certification course:


  1. Certified Everything DiSC Trainer badge - anyone who completes this course will receive a badge by the publisher of Everything DiSC. This badge is awarded to the individual who completes the course and it is valid regardless of where you work. This badge signifies you have the training and experience to conduct an Everything DiSC Workplace workshop.
  2. 15 SHRM Professional Development credits - upon successful completion of our DiSC certification course, you are able to receive 15 SHRM PDCs for either your SHRM-CP or SHRM-SCP licensing.
  3. Confidence and experience - our DiSC certification course is designed to  increase confidence when running a DiSC workshop. Learners who complete this course will have in-depth knowledge of both the DiSC Profile, the training program, and follow-up resources to run a highly successful workshop.

DiSC certification is designed to help trainers, coaches, and learning professionals of all experience who want to improve the effectiveness of their DiSC training.


Frequently, we have trainers in our course who have run multiple DiSC workshops along with other learning professionals who have never conducted a DiSC training. Regardless of your experience, you will walk away with a better understanding of DiSC theory, how to use the profile along with the free supplemental tools, and new insights on how to customize your DiSC training to meet the needs of your learners.


If you feel confident in your facilitation skills and your knowledge of DiSC, you can run a DiSC workshop without going through this certification course. All of the Everything DiSC Training programs are designed for maximum effectiveness when used with their corresponding profile. They are also designed for ease of use for trainers and learning professionals.


To purchase these programs, visit our Everything DiSC Workplace facilitation kit page.

Our DiSC certification class teaches trainers how to effectively use the Everything DiSC model.


Today, trainers and facilitators have the option to become certified in either Everything DiSC Workplace or Everything DiSC Management. Each course offers a unique class that focuses on each individual tool.

If you were previously certified in DiSC, a team leader, or a business owner that doesn't want to become a certified DiSC trainer we now have a course for you.

Everything DiSC Essentials is a self-paced course that will teach learners about DiSC theory, history, and review the Everything DiSC model.


Learn more

Cost: $495 

Our DiSC Certification course will cover the basics of DiSC theory. However, the ultimate goal of this program is to provide trainers an opportunity to learn and develop how they run a DiSC workshop.


Participants will receive a free copy of the Everything DiSC Manual. This resource will cover all aspects of DiSC theory including how DiSC relates to other behavioral assessments like MBTI.


If you are only interested in learning more about DiSC theory, we suggest you purchase this manual.

Due to COVID-19, our certification options are only held online. We hope to offer in-person certifications in 2021.


The training is conducted on Adobe's training platform called Adobe Connect. We use this platform to ensure that learners are able to actively participate as they would during an in-person class.

Certification Benefits

All participants that complete a certification course are awarded the title of Everything DiSC Certified Trainer. 

Additionally, participants are now also eligible to receive 15 Society of Human Resources professional development credits.

New Everything DiSC users will also receive a free EPIC account that they will use to issue Everything DiSC assessments.

What's included in the cost of DiSC Certification?

Everything DiSC certification starts at $1,995 per participant. However, learners must have the required facilitation materials for this course. These materials cost $1,295 per set, but they can be packaged into the cost of certification. Learners who need these materials can register for certification and receive the facilitation materials for $2,795 (this is a $400 discount off the retail cost of the facilitation materials). Learners will also receive access to an online training center, a personal DiSC profile, access to the DiSC administrative platform, and the Everything DiSC Manaual.

What our clients think of us:

Meet your DiSC Certification Training Team

DiSC Certification teacher

Susan Stamm

Susan Stamm has helped improve teams for over 30-years. She has certified hundreds of trainers, coaches, and facilitators in DiSC over the years. Learners will benefit from her experience in the classroom, and she is there to help after the course concludes to help trainers work through any issues they might encounter as they start to roll out their DiSC implementation plan.

DiSC Certification teacher

Rick Stamm

Rick began his career in the field of Vocational Rehabilitation and has always believed that work is central to a person’s well-being. He believes that teamwork is the key to service excellence, innovation, and increased productivity in any kind of business. It is from this foundation that he found DiSC to be a powerful medium to help build better teams. He strives to help anyone become the best that they can be.

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