Free Sample Assessment Reports

We recognize that purchasing assessments for any workplace is a large investment. We are committed to showcasing the value that you will receive when you purchase any of our assessments. Please feel free to view or download any of our free sample reports.

Free Everything DiSC Sample Reports

We provide free Everything DiSC sample reports so you can determine which profile fits your organization or teams need. These reports contain every page that your learners would receive should you decide to purchase this report.

**Please note that these reports are designed to work seamlessly with the Everything DiSC Training Materials



Productive Conflict


Work of Leaders

DiSC 360

Group Culture

Facilitator Report

Group Poster

Team View Report

Free DiSC Classic Sample Reports

We hope you review our free DiSC Classic sample reports before you finalize your purchase. Before you decide to purchase a DiSC Classic report, we want to encourage you to compare DiSC Classic to Everything DiSC. The publisher of DiSC, John Wiley & Sons, conducted a study and found the Everything DiSC was 32% more accurate than the DiSC Classic model.

**Please note that the DiSC Classic PPSS report contains all four supplemental report sections which contain an additional cost per section.

DiSC Classic 2.0

DiSC Classic 2 Plus

DiSC Classic PPSS

Classic Facilitator Report

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