DiSC Buttons/Mugs/Pens

DISC Buttons, DiSC Mug, and DiSC People Reading Pen

everything-disc-mugsDiSC Buttonseverything-disc-pen

Ideal for your DISC trainings and workshops. They make great gifts and tokens to reinforce any DISC training experience.

Ref Description Price
P150 Set of 10 Green “D” Buttons $6.50 order here
P-151 Set of 10 Red “i” Buttons. $6.50 order here
P-152 Set of 10 Blue “S” Buttons $6.50 order here
P-153 Set of 10 Yellow “C” Buttons $6.50 order here
P-351 DiSC® Mugs $26.00 for set of four. order here
P-350 Everything DiSC® Pens $24.00 set of five. order here

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