Resources for DiSC Workshops

Resources for in-person DiSC Workshops

Are you looking for DiSC items you can use during an in-person DiSC Workshop?

Do you want to give your participants something that they can take back to their desks to remember your training?

Now, you can purchase Everything DiSC branded mugs, pens, and buttons you can provide during your workshop. You can also purchase Workplace Style Indexes, ‘Needs’ tags, and DiSC Buttons!

Everything DiSC Style Index

The Everything DiSC Style Index is a useful giveaway that will provide your learners with information on:

  • What is DiSC
  • Information about each Style
  • How to work with each Style

Cost $4.95 per index + Shipping

Everything DiSC 'Needs' Tags

Each ‘need’ corresponds to a different DiSC style. There are 12 different needs tags in total.

Cost: $20 + Shipping.

Everything DiSC Mugs

Everything DiSC mugs show a quick overview of each style. This item is a perfect gift to give a team that attends your workshop. Sold in sets of 4.

Cost $26.00 + Shipping

Everything DiSC Pens

Everything DiSC Pens are branded with the Everything DiSC logo. They contain a small ‘view screen’ that contains information to help read someone’s DiSC style. They are a perfect gift to leave with your learners after a DiSC Workshop.

Cost $24.00 + Shipping

D. i. S. C. Buttons

Purchase buttons that contain one letter to represent a specific DiSC Style. Each pack contains 10 buttons for a specific style.

Cost $7.00 + Shipping

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