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Everything DiSC Sales®

Everything DiSC® Sales teaches salespeople how to better communicate and interact with their customers based on DiSC. It’s the most in-depth customizable DiSC-based sales training program available. The program helps to increases sales effectiveness using the DiSC model. Salespeople learn to communicate better and improve their sales relationships by:

  • Understanding their DiSC Sales Style
  • Identifying and understanding their customers’ DiSC Buying Style
  • Adapting their DiSC Sales Style to meet their customer’s needs

For best results, the Everything DiSC Sales Profile should be used along with the Everything DiSC Sales Training Program. These materials offer a fully developed Sales training program based on DiSC.

  • Sales Profile
  • The Assessment
  • Training Program
  • Follow Up Resources

The Everything DiSC Sales profile provides a person with both their DiSC Style and their Sales-Priorities

Ultimately, a person takes a DISC assessment to know their personal DiSC Style. Everything DiSC provides your DiSC style by placing a dot on the DiSC Map. The placement of your dot matters. The closer to the center of the map means you have a less inclined DiSC Style. On the other hand, the closer to the edge of the map means you have a stronger inclination towards that DiSC Style.

Your Sales Priorities are shown around the edge of the DiSC Map (Action, Enthusiasm, Relationships, Sincerity, Dependability, Quality, Competency, and Results). Everyone has at least three sales priorities, but a person could have four or five priorities. Having five priorities is no better than having three, and vice versa. 

Sales Priorities help someone understand how they excel as a salesperson. As an example, a person with the CD-Style would focus on the quality of the product. Additionally, they would display their competence and knowledge around the product. Furthermore, their results oriented manner wouldn't come across as wasting the customer's time by trying to charm them. 

Unfortunately, these strengths could cause challenges with customers that have different DiSC-Styles. The profile teaches how a person should adapt their style to meet their customer's needs.

Everything DiSC provides the most advanced DISC-based assessments that are available for purchase. The testing environment uses an algorithm called Computerized Adaptive Testing to provide both precision and accuracy when scoring the test.

Every other DISC-based assessment uses what's called a forced-choice testing environment. This testing environment has been used in behavioral testing since the 1950's and it requires everyone who takes the assessment to answer the exact same set questions. 

Adaptive Testing provides a person a specific question based on how they answered the previous question. This ensures that the assessment is accurate and that there are no more inconclusive results. Furthermore, the assessment tests a person on 8-scales (D, Di/iD, i, iS/Si, S, SC/CS, C, CD/DC) rather than the standard 4-scales (D, i, S, C). This change makes the report more personalized than ever.

The Everything DiSC Sales report is one part of the Everything DiSC Sales Training Program.

This training program is fully developed and available for purchase to anyone or any organization that would like to provide a full DiSC Sales training. The training offers Six 50-minute modules focusing in three primary areas:

  1. Understanding Your DiSC Sales Style
    1. Module 1Introduction to the DiSC Sales Map. Participants learn about their DiSC sales style and how personal priorities influence their selling behaviors.
    2. Module 2Participants use what they’ve learned about sales priorities in an interviewing activity.
  2. Recognizing and Understanding Customer Buying Styles 
    1. Module 3: Participants learn customer mapping, a new way of people-reading. They practice their customer-mapping skills in a competitive video-based activity.
    2. Module 4Participants learn about different customer priorities, then use their new skills to identify the buying styles of current customers.
  3. Adapting Your Sales Style to Your Customer’s Buying Style
    1. Module 5: Participants use their DiSC Sales Maps to understand how to navigate from their own styles to those of different types of customers.
    2. Module 6: Participants role play adapting to their most challenging customer and complete an interaction plan for working with that customer.

Included in the facilitation materials is a Powerpoint, Leaders Guide, Handouts, Posters, and Samples. 


Included with all Everything DiSC profiles is access to MyEverythingDiSC.

What is MyEverythingDiSC? Consider it an extension of the Everything DiSC profile where your participants are able to create their own comparison reports and group maps. This online, mobile-friendly website even includes podcasts and DiSC history so your participants can learn even more. The best part? This resource is free. Call us to learn how to use this feature with your profile: (847) 259-0005

DiSC Sales Interaction Guides

Looking for a tangible reminder that your participants can take back to their workspace? Consider purchasing the Everything DiSC Sales Interaction Guides. These guides are great to leave with members of teams to provide a reminder of their training and to encourage them to use the DiSC training as they interact with their customers.

Looking for more resources?

Everything DiSC profiles include additional free reports with your purchase of the Everything DiSC Sales report. These reports are available if you open an EPIC account (the platform that stores and creates your DiSC Reports) with our organization.

What does Everything DiSC Sales Cost?

The DiSC Sales Profile cost is based on volume pricing. The profile’s cost starts at $107.50 per profile.

Quantity Price Per Profile
1 - 9
10 - 19

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