DiSC Interaction and Style Guides

Spruce up your next DiSC training with these take-away guides. Interaction and people reading guides help participants remember the basics of people reading and provide tips for interacting with other styles. Style guides show other’s your style and tips for working directly with you. Post these around the office or on cubical walls to keep DiSC front and center.

Everything DiSC

Interaction Guides

These application-specific guides include the Everything DiSC Map with tips for working with others’ styles effectively. Use these interaction maps to identify a coworker’s style, or use it as a personal reminder of your own style. 

Hand these out at your next Everything DiSC Workplace, Management, Sales, or Productive Conflict workshop. They are designed to be used along with the accompanying Everything DiSC Facilitation Kit and Everything DiSC profiles; sold separately. 

$24.00 plus shipping (Pack of 25)

Style Guides

Show off your style and give your co-workers tips on how to best interact with you with the Everything DiSC Style Guides

These guides are designed to be used with the Everything DiSC Workplace Facilitation Kit and Everything DiSC Workplace Profile; sold separately. Participants map their own Everything DiSC graph, which indicates their DiSC style and lists specific ways that they prefer to be communicated with.

$18.00 plus shipping (Pack of 25)

DiSC Classic

People Reading Guides

The DiSC Classic People Reading Guides are handy references that help individuals identify their colleagues’ DiSC® styles and common behavioral patterns.

These guides are a great supplement for your DiSC Classic workshop, and should be used with the DiSC Classic Profile, and the DiSC Classic Facilitation Kit.

The guides provide interaction strategies for each style, so participants learn the best methods for communicating with their peers. After the training session ends, participants keep the guide and use it as a reference in their work lives.

$24.00 plus shipping (Pack of 25)

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