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Five Behaviors® Team Building Workshop



Live / Online


~4 Hours


Improve Teamwork through Key Behaviors

Improving teamwork starts with each team member recognizing how they impact their team. With this knowledge, teams can begin overcoming issues that prevent them from accomplishing their goals.

The Five Behaviors Personal Development assessment is designed to provide each team member with personalized insights about how they work on a team. When they join the training program they will complete a series of activities and discussions so they can learn how to be a more effective teammate.

Based on the insights from Patrick Lencioni’s Five Dysfunctions of a Team, this teambuilding workshop is designed for organizations that want to create a culture of teamwork. Anyone in the organization, regardless of title or position, can join a training session.

During the session, learners will walk away with an understanding of the following:

  • How to trust each other (and engage in vulnerability-based trust).
  • How to engage in conflict around ideas.
  • How to commit to decisions.
  • How to hold one another accountable.
  • How to focus on achieving collective results.


The training program is designed to run over a period of two 2-hour sessions that will take place online. The training does not require all participants to be on the same team. In-person options are available. Call/email for pricing and to discuss.

Teambuilding Workshop Cost

$1,795 for a series of two 2-hour online teambuilding workshops.**

**assessments sold separately

Who is the teambuilding workshop designed for?

Use this teambuilding training with anyone. 

The workshop is designed so participants can be on the same or different teams. The content focuses on the individual and how they impact the team(s) that they are on.

This course has been used with executive teams and with new hire onboarding sessions. The insights are useful for anyone within the organization, regardless of their title or position. During the session, they will walk away with insights that will impact how they work with others.

Five Behaviors Team Training Content

This course is taught online through an advanced webinar platform called Adobe Connect.

The team building workshop will take place over 2 sessions that will last 2-hours in length. During the sessions, we will cover the following program content:

When team members are genuinely transparent and honest with one another, they are able to build vulnerability-based trust. Participants will engage in activities that help them define what Trust looks like to them and they will learn about behaviors that will allow them be more vulnerable.

Trust is a prerequisite for addressing the second behavior: mastering conflict. Only team members who trust one another are going to feel comfortable engaging in unfiltered, passionate debate around issues and decisions. This module helps participants define conflict and learn about how they approach conflict based on their personal behavioral styles. The module concludes with ways in which each learner can master conflict.

Like trust, conflict is important because it enables a team to work on the next behavior: achieving commitment. When team members are unwilling to weigh in and share their opinions, there is a high likelihood that they’re not going to commit to a decision that is made. During this module, we will define commitment and review barriers to commitment. Learners will engage in an activity to help them understand how to achieve commitment personally and as a team.

Members of effective teams hold one another accountable, and they don’t rely on the leader to do so. Accountability means the willingness of team members to remind one another when they are not living up to agreed-on performance standards.  During this module, we will help learners understand their personal approach to holding others accountable. They will engage in an activity that shows accountability in action and learn how to embrace accountability.

Truly cohesive teams focus obsessively on the collective results of the entire organization. They are intolerant of actions and behaviors that serve the interests of individuals, but don’t promote the common good. During this module, participants will work on defining what achieved results look like from the team’s perspective. They will engage in an activity that helps them understand their motivators and stressors and how to focus on results.

Assessment Pricing

During this training, each learner will need to complete and have access to their personal assessment results for the Five Behaviors Personal Development profile.

Number of Assessments Price Per Report
1 - 9
10 - 19
20 - 29
30 - 39
40 - 59
60 - 79
80 - 100

Teambuilding Workshop Learning Path

Briefing Session

Briefing Session

Before we began this training program, we will meet with the organizer or organizational leader(s) to outline specific goals for the training program.

Briefing Session

Take Assessment

Take Assessment

Before the training, each individual learner will complete a Five Behaviors Personal Development Assessment. This assessment takes between 20-25 minutes to complete.

Take Assessment

Join the Live Training

Join the Live Training

Our live, online training isn’t like a typical online class. We use Adobe’s webinar platform called Adobe Connect. Learners will join small group and partner discussions. They will watch instructional videos, engage in activities, and small group discussions. Our standard session lasts for 2-hours and takes place over two separate sessions. See the full course description. Teams or organizations can add a Team Specific program  or expand on the timing of the training to include a workshop like Everything DiSC Training.

Join the Live Training

Follow-up Activities

Follow-up Activities

After the training session, we will provide learners access to our continuous learning email series. For 6 weeks, learners will receive a weekly email that will give them additional activities and tasks to further their knowledge of each behavior. 

Follow-up Activities

Debriefing Session

Debriefing Session

After the team building workshop, we will meet with the organizer or organizational leader(s) to review survey results to see how well the program has accomplished the specific goals for the training program.

Debriefing Session

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