DiSC® profile, meet your new online learning experience.

Everything DiSC® Catalyst™ brings the DiSC assessments you know and love into an engaging online learning platform. Modular facilitation turns half-day workshops into half-hour lunch-and-learns. It’s a flexible DiSC program to meet the needs of any group for any amount of time.

Our work environment has changed...

DiSC workshops should too.

Everything DiSC® Catalyst™ is a brand new learning platform that delivers the Everything DiSC Workplace profile in a digestible and engaging format that will appeal to today’s online learners. All new facilitation materials take the best-selling Everything DiSC Workplace program and break it down into five short, self-contained modules. These modules can be conducted alone or in any order that meets the needs of your learners. Choose from one of two virtual facilitation options to deliver DiSC training completely online.

How does Everything DiSC on Catalyst™ Work?

The Everything DiSC assessment

The most accurate DiSC assessment available. Everything DiSC uses computerized adaptive testing and proprietary algorithms. A streamlined assessment process presents a series of questions using a five-point Likert scale. Using a Likert scale removes the difficulty of answering forced-choice style questions utilized in most other DISC questionnaires.

Catalyst™ – your personalized learning platform

Learners are seamlessly transitioned from the assessment into their personalized, on-demand learning platform. This learning hub includes bite-sized video content and easy-to-navigate DiSC information allowing learners to explore in the way that best suits their learning style. They will gain real-time tips for working with their colleagues.

Interactive training program

Instructor-led facilitation brings the DiSC model to life. Engage and educate your learners with virtual or in-person training modules (in-person coming soon). Materials include scripted content, activities, and contemporary video. Each session is designed in short-formated modules that are easily tailored to any group size or time constraint. (Sold separately or included with your current Everything DiSC Workplace facilitation kit).

Explore Catalyst...

Jumpstart a better culture

Catalyst was designed to meet the expectations of today’s online learners. Combining instructor-led facilitation with the Catalyst platform will have lasting impact on organizational culture. Real-time tips and engaging learning to help all learners deepen their understanding of both themselves and others.

Make DiSC actionable

We all love learning more about what makes us tick, but the real power of DiSC comes from learning about others and how to best interact with them, making our teams and relationships stronger. With Catalyst, members of an organization will be immediately connected to one another so they can gain tips for interacting.

Appeal to all learners

Not everyone learns the same way. The Catalyst platform incorporates easily navigable information shown in sidebars. Each learner can quickly move to the content that interests them. The site also incorporates podcasts and video content. Engage your learners by encouraging them to review a video clip or podcast and discuss over lunch or a team meeting.

Upgrade to Workplace on Catalyst™

Facilitation materials are NOT required to utilize Everything DiSC Workplace on Catalyst. Simply upgrade your existing DiSC assessments for free and start engaging learners using Catalyst. If you own the Everything DiSC Workplace kit, you can download the new virtual training modules for free from the kit registration site.

Upgrade DiSC Assessments

Free Until April 30, 2021
  • 0 credits to upgrade in EPIC
  • 15 credits for new learners
  • Online learning platform
  • Personalized content and tips

New Facilitation Materials

$ 1,295
or free upgrade
  • Short-format modules
  • Scripted content
  • Engaging activities and video
  • Online or In-person sessions

How to upgrade to Catalyst

Catalyst for EPIC Administrators

All DiSC assessments in your EPIC account can now be upgraded to Everything DiSC Workplace on Catalyst for FREE until April 30th, 2021 (15 credits for new DiSC learners).

Note: Respondents will need to take a new assessment to receive access to the platform and their profile regardless of which version of DiSC they took previously.

Catalyst Facilitation

The virtual Catalyst facilitation was designed to be flexible to meet the needs of any size group with any amount of time available. You will facilitate the program in conjunction with the Catalyst learning platform, however, you will need a separate video conferencing tool to deliver the program.

Check out our 5 tips on delivering a virtual DiSC workshop.

Virtual Facilitation Options

The virtual facilitation for Workplace on Catalyst comes in two formats: advanced tech or basic tech. Which option you should choose will depend on the web conferencing platform you have available, your comfort level, and group size. Review your preferred video conferencing platform to see which option you should use below:
Basic Tech Requirements:
Advanced Tech Requirements:

Upgrade your Workplace kit

Everything DiSC Workplace Facilitation Kit

Do you already own the Everything DiSC Workplace kit? The Everything DiSC® Workplace on Catalyst™ facilitation materials are a free extension of this kit. Registered Workplace kit holders can download the free materials from the registration site. You will need your kit’s serial number to access this content. Contact us for assistance.

The Workplace on Catalyst facilitation will be available for both in-person and virtual delivery. However, only the virtual facilitation is currently available.

Learn more about the Everything DiSC Workplace kit.

Catalyst FAQs

Everything DiSC Catalyst is a platform that learners can use to better understand themselves and how to use DiSC to improve interpersonal relationships. It is the newest Everything DiSC product. Everything DiSC Catalyst is built so learners can have access to four Everything DiSC applications, but they only need to take one assessment. They will have access to:

  1. Workplace
  2. Productive Conflict
  3. Management
  4. Agile EQ

On this platform, learners will be able to easily connect with those in their organization. A learner is placed in their organization before they take the assessment, and they are immediately connected once they complete their assessment.

No. Only learners who have previously taken an Everything DiSC or DiSC Classic assessment are eligible for the free upgrade. For learners who have never taken DiSC before, the cost is 15 credits.

Everything DiSC Workplace is the only application currently available on Catalyst. Agile EQ is coming to Catalyst in November 2020. Here are all of the applications that you will be able to use on Catalyst:

  1. Workplace
  2. Productive Conflict
  3. Management
  4. Agile EQ

You will issue the assessment by logging into EPIC and going to Manage Reports>Create New Report/Issue Access Code(s). Select "Everything DiSC" as the product family and "Catalyst: Workplace" as the product. When you get to adding respondents, be sure to use the "use existing reports" tab to take advantage of the free upgrade.

Check out this quick video to see how this process is done: https://youtu.be/BuAF2-oqIkU

The Catalyst assessment asks questions from multiple applications: Workplace, Management, Agile EQ, and Productive Conflict. If a learner previously completed one of these assessments and their existing data is used, the assessment will take 5-10 minutes to complete. If a learner is upgrading from DiSC Classic or has never taken a DiSC assessment, it will take 20-30 minutes.

No! We will always recommend using the facilitation materials to provide learners with the best possible experience. However, they are not required to use Catalyst. These materials are free to download for registered Workplace kit holders.

Yes, learners will need access to Catalyst during virtual training. However, Catalyst is not a video conferencing platform. To conduct the virtual facilitation, you will use your own video conferencing tool with learners while they are logged into their individual Catalyst platform. We recommend learners bring Catalyst up on a different screen or device to avoid toggling back and forth.

Due to COVID-19, virtual facilitation was prioritized over in-person options. In-person facilitation for Catalyst is not available at this time, but will be developed in the future. Those currently looking for in-person programs should use Everything DiSC Workplace.

Catalyst is the new learner platform that will change the DiSC experience for your learners. They will still receive the same content you're used to with Everything DiSC Workplace, but it will be delivered through the Catalyst platform rather than solely through a PDF.

Learners on Catalyst will still have access to a PDF copy of their report, but it won't be the central part of their DiSC profile.

No. Catalyst is a separate product, so you must issue an access code for Catalyst: Workplace. Until April 30, you can take advantage of the free upgrade from Everything DiSC Workplace to Catalyst. However, your learners must respond to additional assessment questions before they can access the Catalyst platform.

Learners will need access to email to create a Catalyst account and take the online assessment. Catalyst is designed for learners to continue logging onto the Catalyst website to learn more and gain real-time tips about working with colleagues. For this reason, Catalyst may not be suited for learners who have limited access to a computer or smart device.

Yes. Learners will receive access to their results and to the Catalyst platform immediately upon completing the assessment. This provides a streamlined leaner experience and aligns with today’s expectations of online learning. Trainers wishing to delay the delivery of DiSC information should consider Everything DiSC Workplace instead.

Yes. Learners are able to download the PDF version of their profile from the Catalyst website. However, all of the same information in the report is available through the Catalyst platform along with additional information in videos and podcasts.

Anyone who has taken Catalyst within that organization. Organizations with different locations can be treated as separate organizations for the purpose of the People section in Catalyst. There is no option to not allow a person's profile to not show up in this section.

No. DiSC results are most valuable when shared and discussed with others, and Catalyst aims to make this discussion easier by immediately connecting members of an organization.

If a learner is uncomfortable sharing their style, we recommend having a conversation with them to understand their reservations. Through this conversation, you can help ease their concerns by explaining how DiSC information is used.

In accordance with GDPR, we are able to completely delete a learner's record at their request. This will remove them from the Catalyst platform and their DiSC information and profile will no longer be available for download.

Those looking for personal development outside of an organization should consider Everything DiSC Workplace or Agile EQ.

No. MyEverythingDiSC offers no additional information that is not already on the Catalyst platform.

Absolutely! We always recommend experiencing DiSC for yourself before sharing it with others. If you already have a DiSC Classic or Everything DiSC assessment, you can experience Catalyst for free any time between now and April 30, 2021. See our video on how to upgrade above or contact us for assistance.

Have other questions? Give us a call at 847-259-0005 or email us at [email protected].

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