DiSC® profile, meet Catalyst™

Everything DiSC® Catalyst™ transforms the DiSC assessments you know and love into an engaging online learning platform. Modular facilitation turns half-day workshops into half-hour lunch-and-learns. It’s a flexible DiSC program to meet the needs of any group for any amount of time.

Our work environment has changed...

Our DiSC workshops should too.

Everything DiSC® Catalyst™ is a new DiSC assessment published by John Wiley & Sons. It offers an engaging learning platform that delivers the following Everything DiSC Applications: 

Everything DiSC Catalyst provides an engaging and online experience to help anyone learn more about themselves using DiSC. This platform provides learners the ability to watch short videos, connect with teammates, listen to podcasts, and work on self-development all on their own.

Additionally, the Catalyst facilitation materials were developed to take the best-selling Everything DiSC Workplace program and break it down into five short, self-contained modules. These modules can be conducted alone or in any order that meets the needs of your learners. The materials provide both online and in-person formats to provide options for organizations that are moving towards a hybrid work environment.

Our work environment has become more remote. Catalyst provides a solution to help teams feel more connected.

How does Everything DiSC on Catalyst™ Work?

The Everything DiSC Catalyst assessment

The most accurate DiSC assessment available. This assessment takes about 30 minutes to complete. Once a learner completes their assessment, we or an EPIC account administrator can provide additional learning content for Emotional Intelligence, Productive Conflict, or Management training modules.

Catalyst™ – your personalized learning platform

Learners seamlessly transition from the assessment into their personalized, on-demand learning platform. This learning hub includes bite-sized video content and easy-to-navigate DiSC information allowing learners to explore in the way that best suits their learning style. They will gain real-time tips for working with their colleagues.

Interactive training program

Instructor-led facilitation brings the DiSC model to life. Engage and educate your learners with virtual or in-person training modules. Materials include scripted content, activities, and contemporary video. Each session is designed in short-formated modules that are easily tailored to any group size or time constraint. (Sold separately or included with your current Everything DiSC Workplace facilitation kit).

Explore Catalyst...

Jumpstart a better culture

Catalyst was designed to meet the expectations of today’s hybrid workforce.

Combining instructor-led facilitation with the Catalyst platform will have a lasting impact on organizational culture. Real-time tips and engaging learning to help all learners deepen their understanding of both themselves and others.

Make your DiSC Workshop more actionable

We all love learning more about what makes us tick, but the real power of DiSC comes from learning about others and how to best interact with them, making our teams and relationships stronger. With Catalyst, your DiSC Workshop becomes stronger by giving your learners resources they can use on their own.

Add Emotional Intelligence to your Workshop.

Keep your DiSC Workshop alive by adding additional training modules like Emotional Intelligence! Catalyst eliminates the need for additional assessments. Your learners complete one assessment, and you can provide them additional training modules as you need them.

Everything DiSC Catalyst Assessment

Catalyst uses the most advanced DISC-based assessment process. Many DISC-Based assessments use a 28-forced choice questionnaire. Catalyst is 32% more accurate than these types of assessments. It uses an assessment process called Adaptive Testing. The questions that a learner encounters are dependent on how they answer the previous questions. This allows for more precision and accuracy when providing a learner their assessment results. The assessment will take around 25 minutes to complete, but each learner might take a shorter or longer amount of time because of the Adaptive testing process.
Furthermore, the assessment site is redesigned for a better user experience. Questions are shown one at a time so a learner is less distracted. Additionally, this allows them to focus on each question at hand and will lead to fewer mistakes when completing the assessment. Finally, when a user completes their assessment, they are able to immediately view their DiSC profile on Catalyst. They are able to read their DiSC story and watch videos about DiSC, their Style, and other DiSC Styles before training is conducted. This type of self-discovery is crucial for increasing the transfer of learning.
Everything DiSC Catalyst Assessment

Get Started with Catalyst™

Facilitation materials are NOT required to utilize Everything DiSC Workplace on Catalyst. Simply upgrade your existing DiSC assessments for free and start engaging learners using Catalyst. If you own the Everything DiSC Workplace kit, you can download the new virtual training modules for free from the kit registration site.

Catalyst Facilitation Materials

$ 1,495
plus shipping
  • Short-format modules
  • Scripted content
  • Engaging activities and video
  • Online or In-person sessions

Purchase Catalyst Assessments

Everything DiSC Catalyst is administered through a platform called EPIC. With this account, you will not only have access to Catalyst but all Everything DiSC and Five Behaviors. This account also allows for organizational branding and full control over organizational assessment results.

Unsure if you have a profile that you can upgrade? Do you have an account, but you aren’t sure how to start using Catalyst? Check out our Catalyst Frequently Asked Questions to get answers about this powerful, new tool.

How to upgrade to Catalyst

Catalyst for EPIC Administrators

All DiSC® assessments in your EPIC account can now be upgraded to Everything DiSC Workplace on Catalyst for free until December 31st, 2023.

Note: Respondents will need to take a new assessment to receive access to the platform and their profile regardless of which version of DiSC they took previously.

Need help getting started?

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