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Everything DiSC Management on Catalyst

Everything DiSC Management on Catalyst provides actionable insights to help managers learn how to coach, delegate, and manage their direct reports.

Use Catalyst to develop Management Skills

Everything DiSC Management on Catalyst is the most personalized management training program. It was designed to act as a personal coach for managers to teach critical management skills that apply specifically to a manager’s direct reports.

Management on Catalyst uses Everything DiSC to provide insights about an individual’s personal management style while also providing tips on how to improve in the following management specific skillsets:

  1. Directing & delegating
  2. Creating a motivating environment
  3. Developing talent
  4. Managing up

Everything DiSC Management on Catalyst will guide managers with specific tips on how to perform these tasks with anyone on their team. The DiSC Management tips on Catalyst are unique because all of the information is personalized to the user. The insights provided are dynamically customized based on a user’s personality style. 

Catalyst will help managers develop their management skills by helping them; 1) learn and understand their management style 2) understand the people they manage 3) know when and how to adapt to meet the needs of their direct reports.

Everything DiSC Management on Catalyst

Everything DiSC Management on Catalyst: Directing and Delegating

Everything DiSC Management on Catalyst doesn’t just explain how directing & delegating is supposed to work. It provides deep insights that are customized towards a manager’s behavioral style.

These insights increase in personalization if the manager’s direct report also has a Workplace on Catalyst profile. However, it’s not required for the manager’s direct reports to have one.

Whether a manager is joining a DiSC Training Workshop or using the platform on their own, Catalyst will provide the ability to immediately apply what they are learning towards with direct reports.

Learning to direct and delegate direct reports is a vital aspect of a manager’s job. Many managers know this, but they try to direct and delegate the same way for each employee. 

However, before managers can learn how to more effectively delegate, they must learn what they do naturally so they know how they typically approach this process.

Everything DiSC Management on Catalyst Direct and Delegate

Once a manager learns how they naturally direct and delegate, Everything DiSC Catalyst will show how a manager is able to adjust their communication based on the employee’s DiSC Style.

This process is called stretching. It’s a crucial part for anyone when trying to better communicate. For a manager who wants to delegate effectively, they will need to learn how to communicate based on their employee’s DiSC style. Fortunately, Catalyst will show them how.

The Catalyst platform is foundational in providing managers space to connect these insights towards real applications. However, for the best results, it’s recommended to have an in-house trainer purchase the Catalyst Facilitation kit or to contract a third-party trainer to run a DiSC Workshop for your managers. 

The Everything DiSC Catalyst facilitation kit includes everything that is needed to run an outstanding DiSC Management workshop using the Catalyst platform.


Everything DiSC Catalyst - Motivation

DiSC Management on Catalyst: Learning how to create a motivating environment

Everything DiSC Management on Catalyst doesn’t teach how you motivate people. It’s impossible.

Rather, the program helps managers discover how to establish an environment where individuals are able to motivate themselves. Ultimately, we all must choose to become motivated – it’s not something anyone can give us. 

Managers must learn how to build an atmosphere that meets all employee’s basic needs and preferences so they can do their best work.  However, before managers can start to create this environment, they must understand the atmosphere that they are creating based on their behavioral style.

Every manager has a management style that comes naturally. A manager’s behavioral style will ultimately influence what type of environment they will produce on a team.

After a manager is able to understand the environment they naturally create, Catalyst will help them recognize how they might need to adapt the environment on the team to be more open to other behavioral styles.

Similarly to the directing and delegating section of Catalyst, the Creating a Motivating Environment section is equipped with an intuitive tool where a manager can search for individuals on their team to learn how to adapt the teams environment towards their behavioral needs.

Learning how to create a motivating environment isn’t a skill that is developed by only using the insights on this platform. It’s a skill that requires constant practice. For organizations that are serious about developing their manager’s skillsets to include creating a motivating environment, we strongly suggest purchasing the Everything DiSC Catalyst facilitation kit.

Included in this kit are specific activities, videos, and instructions for how managers can learn to create a motivating environment.

Don’t have an internal trainer? You can now contract virtual 90-minute DiSC Workshops through this website.

developing talent with everything disc management on catalyst

Everything DiSC Management on Catalyst: Learning how to create a motivating environment

Many managers don’t recognize that they are responsible for their employee’s development. Their team goals are directly tied to how well they are able to coach, mentor, and upskill their direct reports. If employees aren’t able to upskill or have the resources to develop, team and organizational goals can falter.

Managers must learn how to support employees’ long-term professional growth by providing resources, environments, and opportunities to capitalize on their employee’s potential.

The DiSC Management program on Catalyst teaches managers how to learn this skill by first helping managers recognize how they might naturally approach developing talent. This self-awareness piece is crucial so managers can then learn how to adapt their approach based on the unique needs of their direct reports.

Similar to the direct & delegate and creating motivating environment modules, Catalyst will again help managers take the lessons they learn and develop specific strategies for their direct reports.

For any manager to learn and apply these insights, it’s recommended that managers participate in an Everything DiSC Catalyst training program that features the Management Training. The Catalyst platform is just one tool that learners will use to improve management skillsets like developing talent.

Organizations with an internal L&D or Human Resources team will benefit from purchasing the Catalyst facilitation kit because it contains everything that is needed to run an outstanding management training program. Additionally, it includes training modules for the Everything DiSC Workplace and Agile EQ.

Everything DiSC Catalyst Training Kit

Buy the Kit!

Includes scripted leaders guide, handouts, and activities for virtual or in-person learning.

managing up and Everything DiSC Management on Catalyst

DiSC Management Training Module: Managing Up

Many managers might forget that their management duties also require them to ‘manage’ their own manager.

This type of management won’t require developing their boss’s talent. Rather, it will require managers to influence the decisions that their own boss makes so the whole team can thrive.

For managers to succesfully communicate to their bosses, they need to know how their bosses see them. With these insights, they can respond to any hesitations their boss might have due to their behavioral style.

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