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The most personalized DiSC personality assessment

Everything DiSC Reports are the 3rd generation of the DiSC Personality Assessment. Published by Wiley’s Workplace Learning Solutions (formerly Inscape Publishing), DiSC has been taken by millions over the past four decades. This latest version of DiSC uses the most advanced technology in online testing: adaptive testing. With adaptive testing, users can take the assessment faster. Furthermore, the report is 32% more accurate than the DiSC Classic® assessment and other forced-choice DISC tests.

At its core, this tool connects people on a human level to deliver “Aha!” moments. Everything DiSC aims to transform individuals into thriving teams and workplaces. This assessment is built on a foundation of research & rigor to ensure high-quality and transformational learning experiences.

A Robust Suite of Reports

The Everything DiSC suite of reports provides DiSC information delivered in application specific formats. Choose the application that meets your current need. For an individual who has never taken DiSC before, we recommend starting with Everything DiSC Workplace. From there, these reports can build off of and bolster one another with even deeper learning and development opportunities.
Workplace introduces you to DiSC. This report can be used by anyone in an organization. Learn more about your personal style and how you relate to others.
Use the language of DiSC to better navigate conflicts on your team. Identify personal destructive behaviors and find ways to solve issues together productively.
Use DiSC behavioral information to build stronger customer relationships. This profile provides free, unlimited customer relationship maps!
Learn to adapt your DiSC style to better manage your direct reports. This profile provides your strengths and challenges as a manager based on your DiSC Style.
Focusing on three areas of leadership: Vision, Alignment, and Execution, the Work of Leaders combines the power of DiSC with decades of leadership research.
DiSC 363 revolutionizes the 360 feedback process. The report seamlessly matches respondents’ feedback with the leaders DiSC Style, and provides strategies to improve.

More DiSC Applications Coming!

The publisher of the DiSC assessment is constantly gathering feedback and beta testing new tools. Join our newsletter to stay up to date on new DiSC materials. Clients who have an EPIC account with us may also receive the opportunity to beta test these new materials.

Is Everything DiSC different from other DISC reports?

Yes! Everything DiSC combines the simple language of the D. I. S. C. model with the power of Adaptive Testing to provide the most personalized DiSC report.

Everything DiSC determines a persons’ behavior based on eight DiSC styles (D, Di/iD, i, iS/Si, S, SC/CS, C, CD/DC) rather than the standard four styles (D, i, S, C).

Lastly, Everything DiSC includes a free platform with every profile so users can create comparison reports, group maps, and listen to podcasts about their styles.

What's included with an Everything DiSC report?

All Everything DiSC Reports include the following for free with an EPIC account:

Comparison Report – Follow-up reports that can be created for any two participants to illustrate their similarities and differences. Unlimited access available at no additional charge with all profiles.

Supplement for Facilitators – Provides more detailed data about an assessment and helps facilitate a richer discussion about a respondent’s DiSC style, including unexpected items. Unlimited access available with all profiles, excluding Everything DiSC 363 for Leaders. Easily downloadable from your EPIC account, or call about receiving the supplemental reports for instant access codes purchased from Center for Internal Change.

MyEverythingDiSC® – Another feature that sets Everything DiSC apart from other DISC assessments, including DiSC Classic, is access to this interactive online resource. Anyone with an Everything DiSC report has the ability to create a MyEverythingDiSC account where they can view their report, learn more about their style, and invite their coworkers to do the free 1:1 comparison reports mentioned above. Contact us today for ideas on how to use this tool to promote a healthy DiSC culture and to keep DiSC alive in your organization!

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Discover why Everything DiSC is the most advanced DiSC profile available. Everything DiSC Workplace is your DiSC solution for personal development at any level. Find out your style today!
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