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What is MyEverythingDiSC?

What is MyEverythingDiSC?

What makes an Everything DiSC Profile different from DiSC Classic or other DISC-based Tests? Everything DiSC provides the most accurate and user-friendly version of the DiSC assessment. Furthermore, every profile now includes free access to MyEverythingDiSC

MyEverythingDiSC is an online platform designed to keep you learning about your own style and your peer’s styles. Users on this site are able to share their styles directly through both email and the platform.

Understanding our DiSC style is essential. However, we believe the true value of DiSC comes from sharing our style with others and learning the styles of people we engage with regularly. This deeper understanding allows us to adapt to others’ needs and preferences and gives them a better idea of why we operate the way we do.


Keeping DiSC Alive!

Continuing this important discussion of the differences between ourselves and others following a training program or offsite has never been easier if you’ve chosen EverythingDiSC! Simply log into your MyEverythingDiSC account to view your report, compare your style to others, gain tips for working with the members of your team, and continue to learn more about DiSC (and yourself!).

If you’ve purchased an Everything DiSC instant access code with instant results from our website, congratulations! You already have access to this account.


Is MyEverythingDiSC an App?

MyEverythingDiSC is a website that was built to be used easily on mobile devices. Because DiSC is used primarily in the Workplace, the publisher wanted to make sure that this resource could be used easily on Desktop computers as well. 

Want to Add MyEverythingDiSC as an icon on your phone?

MyEverythingDiSC is easy to add to your phone’s home screen; regardless if you have an iPhone or Android. For either phone, it takes three steps to add a shortcut so you can use MyEverythingDiSC on the go.

Learn More!

Watch these videos to get a glimpse of how this powerful tool can be used to enhance and extend your DiSC training and profile.

What is MyEverythingDiSC?

Create Free Comparison Reports

Can I use MyEverythingDiSC with Training?

MyEverythingDiSC won’t substitute for a training module, but it will make an excellent follow-up resource for your clients or your team. In our DiSC workshop training, we use MyEverythingDiSC to extend the workshop in a few different ways

  1. Ask your group to compare their style with all of their teammates before their next team meeting. During the meeting, take 10 minutes to reflect on how your style has impacted the way you work with someone on the team.
  2. Create Group Reports. These reports are a wonderful way to follow-up and reflect on the training. Is the team filled with lots of ‘C Styles’? Does this impact how quickly projects get finished? Look at your team’s Group Map and discuss how this could impact or hinder your team during projects.
  3. Ask your participants or team to listen to their Style Podcast – this resource was created by the primary researcher of the Everything DiSC model, Mark Scullard. He gives unique insights about each particular style and ensures you learn something new about yourself and your style.
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