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ECHO Certification

Become an ECHO Certified Practitioner.

ECHO Personal Listening Profile

What is ECHO?

ECHO stands for Effective Communication for Healthy Organizations.

The ECHO Listening assessment and training program aims to change the way the world thinks about listening. People spend 70-80% of their workday engaged in some form of communication, and 55% of that time is devoted to listening. At the day-to-day level, effective listening can mean the difference between closing a sale, understanding critical directives, and being able to form deeper connections amongst colleagues.

ECHO doesn’t just teach active listening. Rather, the assessment harnesses the latest research that suggests listening is a trainable skill with applications beyond just paying better attention.

Becoming Certified

The ECHO Certification course is designed to help coaches, trainers/facilitators, HR, and L&D Professionals learn how to effectively use the ECHO Listening assessment and training program.

Here is a breakdown of what you can expect from the ECHO Certification course:

  • 10 hours of live, application-focused, learning and discussions
  • Understand best practices for utilizing the ECHO Listening Profile with clients or employees.
  • Develop an expert understanding of the four foundational listening preferences.
  • Master the distinction between the 41 profiles.
  • Become proficient in the interpretation of both individual and group profile results.
  • Practice administering both the individual and group profile reports.
ECHO is accredited with ICF to provide 15 CCEs for this training program (12 Core Competencies and 3 resource).

ECHO Listening Certification Cost: $3,295*

*Price includes the LIFT facilitation program (a $1,495 value!) and access to the ECHO Assessment portal where you will issue and manage your ECHO Listening Assessments.

Where does ECHO Certification take place?

This is a 3-week, online course that meets weekly via live video conferencing. The ECHO Listening Assessment Certification uses Zoom for all live sessions.

Online training is frequently dismissed as a viable way to promote discussions. However, this course is designed to mirror the discussions that you would have in an in-person course through the use of break-out rooms. Prior to each session, you will complete pre-work that you will then use in discussions and activities during the live session.

2024 ECHO Certification Dates (Online):

  • May 2nd – May 16th  (11:00 AM ET every Thursday) 
  • July 24th – August 7th  (11:00 AM ET every Wednesday)
  • October 24th – November 7th (11:00 AM ET every Thursday)

ECHO Certification

Become an ECHO Certified Practitioner.

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