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ECHO Listening Assessment

Research focused listening assessment and training program.

ECHO Personal Listening Profile

Improve Communication through Listening

The ECHO Listening Profile is a cognitive assessment that is designed to help individuals learn their personal listening tendencies. Listening is habitual, and over time, we develop patterns in how we use it. Our personal listening style often filters what information we hear.

ECHO stands for Effective Communication for Healthy Organizations. 

The ECHO Listening Profile improves how individuals communicate with each other by helping anyone identify their personal listening style. With this insight, an individual can train what they listen for during a conversation to ensure they are receptive to what someone is trying to communicate.

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The four listening styles

ECHO’s research has shown that there are four primary listening styles:

  1. Connective Listening (CV): This type of listening focuses on what the interaction means for others. People who prefer Connective Listening tend to filter what they hear through their interests in other people.
  2. Reflective Listening (RV): Reflective Listeners focus on how the interaction relates to an individual’s experience. People who prefer Reflective Listening compare information against their own library of knowledge to understand how it applies to current needs or interests.
  3. Analytical Listening (AL): Analytical listening seeks to understand an interaction objectively. Analytical Listeners are concerned with data, facts, and results.
  4. Conceptual Listening (CL): Conceptual listening focuses on the big picture. Listeners who prefer Conceptual Listening filter what they hear through their interests in concepts and possibilities.

The four primary listening styles that are observed through the ECHO assessment provide 41 unique listening profiles based on a person’s listening scores.

As an example, a person who scores high on Reflective, Conceptual, and Analytical listening would receive the Investigator Profile. The high scores in three areas mean that they would listen for well-thought-out ideas (Analytical/Conceptual) to shed light on their personal situation (Reflective).

After completing the ECHO assessment, learners will discover their current listening habits through their unique profiles. The completed report is designed to help anyone improve their listening skills

What Does the Listening Assessment Cost?

The ECHO Personal Listening assessment is sold based on a quantity discount. The more assessments you purchase, the cheaper the assessment becomes. Currently, the assessment has a starting price of $95 per assessment.

Quantity Price Per Profile
1 - 9
10 - 49
50 - 99
100 - 249

The ECHO Personal Listening assessment is a personal development tool. By identifying a person’s listening habits, anyone can understand their listening strengths.

Alternatively, they can also learn how their strengths might become a weakness if they don’t learn how to adapt how they listen. This process is crucial for anyone to learn how their listening habits might hamper their ability to communicate and receive information. The Listening Intelligence training workshop will help leaders and employees alike learn how to better collaborate.

To learn more about how listening assessments by reviewing the ECHO Facilitation program or read how to improve listening skills on our blog.

Improve Listening Skills

ECHO Listening Assessment FAQ

Listening is a skill just like reading, running, or speaking. Listening can be improved with practice.


The ECHO Listening assessment can help anyone identify their current listening behaviors. Through this understanding, you can identify your listening blind spots.


The ECHO Listening assessment is designed to be used during a comprehensive training program that will be released in late 2021 / early 2022.



ECHO went through a validation process to understand if the assessment was both reliable and valid. The ECHO assessment is based on research that was published in the International Journal of Listening, which describes how a person's listening style is derived from four primary styles.


Download the validation report.


Certification is not required to coach or train using the ECHO assessment. However, facilitators who want to add a listening training program to their offerings will find this certification course to be foundational in using the tool effectively.

The ECHO Personal Listening Certification is $2,500/person. Email us for more information.

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