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Vital Learning

Vital Learning Supervisory Training

Practical Training Programs for Organizational Development

Vital Learning is a decades-old publisher of training programs for organizational and professional development. Vital Learning has won awards for its supervisory and management training curriculum, The Leadership Essential Series. They also publish training curricula for Sales, Leadership, and Talent Managment.

Vital Learning’s courses are designed so internal L&D or HR teams can implement the training without needing a third-party trainer, consultant, or facilitator. The courses focus on skill building, and the content is designed to be practical and memorable.

Vital Learning began as a training department within McGraw-Hill Publishing Company. When McGraw Hill sold its training division in 1986, Vital Learning was born. We have represented Vital Learning for over 20 years and have seen how the training courses can impact individuals as they learn how to manage, hire new employees or relate to their customers.

Check out Vital Learning's Top Courses

Vital Learning Training - Leadership Essentials Series

Leadership Essentials Series

Vital Learning's Leadership Essential Series offers 12 learning modules that teach practical management skills. The coursework is easy to implement and offers classroom, virtual, and hybrid options. The curriculum is designed for managers with any level of experience.

Talent Management

Talent management is the practice of optimizing employee performance. Vital Learning has published two courses that are designed to help managers hire better and retain their best employees. These courses are designed to be easier to understand and implement.

Vital Learning's Awards and Recognitions

Vital Learning has been consistently recognized for its training curriculum. Over the years, it has been recognized by Training Industry, IELA, and The American Business Awards. The content produced by Vital Learning is designed so it remains relevant over time even as the world is witnessing immense changes and disruptions.

A complete list of Vital Learning's Courses

Review a complete list of Vital Learning’s courses based on their series:

  • Leadership Essentials Series
    • Coaching Job Skills
    • Essential Skills of Communicating
    • Delegating
    • Essential Skills of Leadership
    • Managing Complaints
    • Resolving Conflicts
    • Providing Performance Feedback
    • Supporting Change
    • Developing Performance Goals and Standards
    • Effective Discipline
    • Improving Work Habits
    • Communicating Up
  • Team Development & Talent Management
    • Hiring Winning Talent
    • Retaining Winning Talent
  • Sales
    • Customer-Oriented Selling
    • Making Customer Recommendations
    • The Incoming Sales Call

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