Vital Learning Supervisory Training

Leadership Essentials for Supervisors

Video Overview: 10 Quick Facts!

Why leadership training?

Supervisors are the most likely leaders to be promoted from within your organization. They are usually selected because they are excellent individual contributors. However, leadership essentials skills are new skills to learn and make the difference between effective and ineffective leadership. Because supervisors have the most direct contact with the largest part your workforce, these leadership essentials significantly impact employee engagement and results.

Award-winning leadership series for supervisors...

  • Learn by doing: 6 practice sessions per course with optional follow-up sessions
  • The Vital Boost: Ensure your learners apply what they know with this follow-up tool
  • Half-day classroom modules for up to 21 participants/class
  • Online courses are broken into 5-8 micro units that are 5-10 minutes in length each
  • No certification requirement
  • Specific work environment settings. Choose between Office, Industrial or Healthcare Settings
  • Facilitator kits include access to the Vital Hub for additional facilitator support
  • Our on-demand Train-the-Trainers provide enhancements, facilitation tips and more
Leadership Essentials Course Matrix

Evaluate the Series

Explore our demo courses or try a “preview” of one of the core modules to try before you buy. You can also choose to pilot one of the modules.

Attend a demo!

We host a demo every month to give you a chance to evaluate Vital Learning’s supervisory content for your organization. Join us for one of the sessions and:

  •  Experience some learning activities from a module
  • See the content from the learner’s perspective
  • Gain access to sample materials used in the training
  • Get a big picture of the series.
Register for a demo session here

Train-the-Trainer Series

Get up and running with the Leadership Essentials quickly and experience the greatest delivery success with our “on-demand train-the-trainers(TTT).” Available for each module in the Leadership Essentials Series, these recordings include extra and alternate activities, enhancements, check-lists, delivery tips including three different set up the behavior modeling. To help you evaluate Vital Learning’s content, we will provide you with free access to one module to give you an in-depth look at a model and support you in your vetting process.
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