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What is DiSC Classic®?

Discover the original DiSC Profile

The DiSC® Classic Profile was originally introduced in the 1970’s as The Personal Profile System by a company called Performax. The profile was built using William Moulton Marston’s DISC Theory, and was a 24 box, forced-choice questionnaire that determined a person’s primary DiSC style and Classical Pattern.

In the 1990’s, the DiSC Classic profile was updated and joined the computer age. It is now offered in both an online and paper format.

The DiSC Classic suite of products includes the DiSC Classic Paper Profile, DiSC Classic 2.0 (online version), and DiSC Classic People Reading Guides. (The DiSC Classic Facilitation Kit and DiSC Classic Preview have been discontinued).

DiSC Classic Products

Need a DiSC Classic Report in another language?

The DiSC Classic report is available in 29 different languages. Please send us a note and let us know which language(s) you are looking for:
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