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Bookends Book Club

A Podcast for Business Leaders and HR Professionals.

Listen. Learn. Discuss.

Bookends Book Club is a forum in which business leaders can learn more from the authors of key books in the area of leadership, talent development, teamwork, and other issues related to for-profit and not-for-profit organizations. Interviews with authors and thought-leaders are available as podcasts along with discussion guides.

You’ve heard that old saying: so many books, so little time. How true! 

Often it is difficult to decide which books will offer the most value for your limited time resources. Bookends Book Club was created to help you address this very problem. In just one hour of ‘multi-tasking time’ while you drive, jog, or clean your kitchen, you can take a tour of a book written for organizational leaders and HR professionals. Whether you’re a CEO, CFO, manager, supervisor, physician, or pastor, this material can help enhance the leader in you.

We have selected books that deal with themes important to successful organizations (profit and non-profit) including: employee engagement, leadership, and personal development.

Here, we feature books with important messages about people management, relationships, and organizational success. Our author interviews take you on an extensive walk-through of each featured book. This provides an inside look at each book so that you know you will be investing your time in the books you really want to read before you purchase them.

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Season 1

Thought Leaders

Pam Haines

We visited with thought leader Pam Haines. Pam was the chief change agent at Slate Consultants and was known as Slate’s Professor of Productivity. Listen in as Pam shares why admiring a problem will never solve it.

Lynn Ware has studied, researched, and worked in Talent Management for over 20 years in Silicon Valley. Listen in as Lynn shares why she believes you should treat your top employees like paid volunteers.

Your Host:

Susan Stamm

Susan Stamm cut her teeth managing others in the most difficult work environment imaginable — the fast food industry. She developed her drive and tenacity working as a highly successful outside sales rep on straight commission with a phone book as her only lead source. In her first job out of college, Susan worked to create organizational change, transforming attitudes about the learning potential of people with disabilities who had been “warehoused” in a state institution for years. Through this work, she developed the belief that all people can learn, a belief that fuels her passion for her current work and helps her confront clients’ personal barriers to achieving more of their potential.

As the host of Bookends Book Club, Susan invites the authors to share their insights about leadership, employee engagement, productivity and more. She enjoys classroom facilitation, coaching, and speaking or writing about workplace performance issues.

Susan is also the author of 42 Rules of Employee Engagement: a straightforward and fun look at what it takes to build a culture of engagement in business.

Is there a book you want to see on Bookends?

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