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Everything DiSC Agile EQ

Improve Your EQ with DiSC

Everything DiSC Agile EQ is not a clinical evaluation of a person’s emotional intelligence. Rather, it is developmental tool designed to help a person understand what EQ development they might need, why they need it, and how to apply their EQ to a wide range of situations.

The profile introduces a new concept called EQ Mindsets as a way for learners to better understand EQ. Each mindset represents various social and emotional situations, and the report assesses how much effort each mindset requires from us.

The goal of this profile and training is help learners to develop their understanding of each mindset through awareness of their own behavioral comfort zone.

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Everything DiSC Agile EQ will focus on the following:

  • Discover your EQ Mindset
  • Recognize your EQ potential
  • Commit to building EQ Agility

The Everything DiSC Agile EQ is designed to be used with the Everything DiSC Agile EQ Training Program. These materials use video, activities and handouts to ensure that your training allows participants to actively participate in the learning.

  • DiSC EQ Profile
  • The Assessment
  • Facilitation Materials
  • Follow Up Resources

The Everything DiSC Agile EQ profile provides a person with their DiSC Style and their EQ Mindsets

Your DiSC Style is represented as a dot on the DiSC Map. The placement of your dot matters. The closer to the center of the map means you have a less inclined DiSC Style. On the other hand, the closer to the edge of the map means you are stronger inclined towards a particular DiSC Style.

Also on your map are eight Agile EQ mindsets that you can call on to guide your interactions. No one mindset is more valuable than the next; rather, the needs of a particular situation will dictate which is appropriate. Learning when and how to adopt each mindset will let you take an agile approach to your interactions.

The report and Agile EQ Training program is designed for individuals to learn which Mindsets are easy for them and how to develop using other Mindsets when the situation calls for it.

Everything DiSC provides the most advanced DISC-based assessment that are available for purchase. The testing environment uses an algorithm called Computerized Adaptive Testing to provide both precision and accuracy when scoring the test.

Every other DISC-based assessment uses what's called a forced-choice testing environment. This testing environment has been used in behavioral testing since the 1950's and it requires everyone who takes the assessment answer the exact same set questions. 

Because forced-choice testing environments require everyone to answer the same questions, these tests can only ask a limited number of questions to ensure a learner will want to take the assessment and not quit halfway through completing it. 

DiSC Classic and other forced-choice DISC based assessments usually contain around 28 questions. On the other hand, Everything DiSC is loaded with over 100 questions. Don't worry, your learners won't be asked all of these questions. Adaptive Testing provides a person a specific question based on how they answered the previous question. This ensures that the assessment is accurate and that they won't have to answer every question. On average, respondents actually take less time to complete an Everything DiSC test.

Furthermore, the assessment tests a person on 8-scales (D, Di/iD, i, iS/Si, S, SC/CS, C, CD/DC) rather than the standard 4-scales (D, i, S, C). This change makes the report more personalized than ever.

The Agile EQ profile is just one part of the Agile EQ Training Program.

This training program is fully developed and available for purchase to anyone or any organization that would like to provide a full DiSC EQ training. The training is comprised of three 60 to 100-minute modules that teach the following:

  1. Discover Your Mindsets
  2. Recognize and Value Other Mindsets
  3. Act to Become Agile

Included in these materials is a Powerpoint, Leaders Guide, Handouts, Posters, and Samples. 


Included with all Everything DiSC profiles is access to MyEverythingDiSC.

What is MyEverythingDiSC? Consider it an extension of the Everything DiSC profile where your participants are able to create their own comparison reports and group maps. This platform even includes podcasts and DiSC history so your participants can learn even more. The best part? This resource is free. Call us to learn how to use this feature with your profile: (847) 259-0005

Everything DiSC Comparison Reports

Everything DiSC Agile EQUnderstanding our emotions has a direct correlation with understanding our behaviors. Agile EQ allows facilitators, team leaders, and consultants to pull a comparison report between two individuals who might have workplace issues. This report is designed to help two people understand their behavioral differences. The best part about this report is that it's free with your purchase of the Everything DiSC Agile EQ profile.

This report isn't only useful for individuals who are having workplace issues. Team leaders can use it as a way to connect on a deeper level with their direct reports.

The report asks each individual to strategize ways they can work more effectively to adapt to the other's DiSC Style. Using this framework, the pair is able to use their knowledge of DiSC to adjust how they work together.


Looking for more resources?

Everything DiSC profiles include additional free reports with your purchase of the Everything DiSC Agile EQ report. These reports are available if you open an EPIC account (the platform that stores and creates your DiSC Reports) with our organization.

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