Coaching Job Skills

Everyday, all across the globe, employees are promoted into new leadership roles based on their personal performance. New leaders quickly discover that once they become a leader, it will be the performance of their team that will form the basis of their evaluation, going forward. This course covers the basics of performance management:

  • Learn to make quick diagnosis about why there is a performance gap
  • Successfully determine the appropriate action for different performance issues
  • Learn how to coach employees through performance corrections
  • Learn how to teach new job skills

  1. Industry Versions: each kit includes an office, industrial and healthcare version
  2. Classroom Timing: between 4 – 4.45 hours includes 30 minutes of breaktime
  3. Online Timing: on average, learners spend 60 minutes
  4. Blended Timing: depends on how approached. Can complete in 2.3 hours
  5. LMS: All courses are SCORM compliant. Hosted through your LMS or ours
  6. Number of Participants: 9-21 recommended for classroom delivery
  7. Intended audience: First line supervisors, team leaders, managers
  8. Reinforcement: two kinds are build into each module
  9. College Credit: Vital Learning courses are accredited through the Univ of Phoenix
  10. Certification: No certification is required. On-demand TTT’s available for all modules that include our enhancements and tips!
Online courses are optimized for any size screen.

Learning Objectives

  1. Identify team member performance issues.
  2. Determine when to train new skills and when to coach existing skills.
  3. Address team member performance issues quickly to improve individual performance and increase individual and team productivity.
  4. Prepare for a coaching session by using observation and analysis to build a plan for a successful dialog.
  5. Use the “training new skills” and “coaching existing skills” skill points to plan and conduct performance improvement meetings with team members.
Vital Boost uses gamification to reinforces the learning
"I really enjoyed working in groups of three, with one person observing while the other two role-played. This exercise also allowed for feedback."
PA State Agency

Skill Points for Training New Skills:

  1. Open: Briefly describe the new task to be learned.
  2. Clarify: Identify any prior experience the team member may have to assist in learning.
  3. Seek/Share: Explain and demonstrate the task, step-by-step.
  4. Agree: Have the team member demonstrate the task and provide feedback.
  5. Close: Express your confidence in the team member’s ability to perform the new task.

Skill Points for Coaching Existing Skills:

  1. Open: Briefly describe the team member’s performance problem.
  2. Clarify: Ask for the team member’s help in solving the performance problem.
  3. Seek/Share: Discuss the causes of the problem and seek solutions.
  4. Agree: Agree on specific actions to improve performance.
  5. Close: Express your confidence in the team member’s ability to solve the performance problem.


  1. Brand new team leaders, supervisors, or lower level managers.
  2. Team leaders, supervisors, managers who have missed basic supervisory training along the way.
  3. Team leaders who are experience frequent turnover, conflict on their teams, lawsuits, or any issues that requires them to call upon HR to their team.
  4. A great number of issues team leaders bring to HR are due to a lack of basic supervisory skills. If you want to reduce the time HR is spending doing the work of the supervisor, the Leadership Essential Series is a perfect choice.
  5. If your organization has previously introduced DiSC to supervisors, it can become a thread through these courses. It can also be brought into the skill practice in each course.

For the Facilitator:

For the Participant:

1. Facilitator kits- everything needed to facilitate this course
2. On-demand train-the-trainer with tips, best practices, enhancements and alternate ways to deliver activities
3. Facilitator access to the Vital Hub- jogger card templates, trouble shooting guides, reproducible worksheets and more

1. Participant workbook – in digital or print versions
2. 48 Hour reinforcement tool – reinforces what’s been learned in first 48 hours following training
3. Vital Boost- six weeks of reinforcement questions with a leaderboard to compare scores
4. Participant access to the Vital Hub for reproducible worksheets, trouble shooting guides and more

Course Outline

Class introduction

  • Open the course
  • Here’s what you do

Key Concepts

  • Determining coaching or training
  • What makes excellent training

Skill Points

  • Introduction to the skill points
  • What would you say?

Foundational Skills

  • Overcoming obsticals

Positive model

  • Introduce positive model
  • Training new skills positive model video
  • Coaching existing skills positive model video

Skill Practice

  • Skill Practice #1 Preparation
  • Skill Practice #1 Coaching
  • Skill Practice #1
  • Skill Practice #1 Feedback
  • Skill Practice #2 Preparation & Coaching
  • Skill Practice #2
  • Skill Practice #2 Feedback
  • Skill practice debrief


  • 48 hour reinforcement
  • Vital Boost


  • Review achievement path
  • Close the class
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