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Improve Listening Communication Collaboration Leadership Teamwork for Leaders & Teams

Listening Intelligence training program for leaders & teams.
ECHO Personal Listening Profile

What is LIFT?

The Listening Intelligence for Leaders & Teams (LIFT) training program is designed to be easy to implement. It’s designed for trainers, coaches, HR, and L&D professionals who want to improve communication through listening in their organization.

70-80% of our workday is engaged in some form of communication, and 55% of that time is devoted to listening. The LIFT training program aims to change the way the world thinks about listening. At the day-to-day level, effective listening can mean the difference between closing a sale, understanding critical directives, and being able to form deeper connections amongst colleagues.

The LIFT Program, combined with the ECHO Listening Assessment, will teach learners how their listening habits can affect the information they are retaining and hearing. Trainers, coaches, HR, and L&D professionals are able to receive this program when they join an ECHO Certification class for free. 

The LIFT Facilitation Program is available for purchase and includes:

  • The LIFT Facilitator’s/Leader’s Guide
  • An interactive LIFT Participant Workbook
  • PowerPoint slide decks for each of the LIFT training modules
  • A detailed LIFT training modules timeline ​

The corresponding ECHO Listening assessments are sold separately.

What does the Listening Intelligence Training Program cost?

The Listening Intelligence for Leaders & Teams (LIFT) costs $1,495 .

Who is the Listening Training Designed for?

The ECHO Listening training program can be used within a leadership development or personal development training capacity. The program can be held as the sole event or it could be one part of a larger training solution.

Leaders and Senior Executives

Leaders will gain greater proficiency in leading diverse individuals and teams for more productive outcomes. They will be equipped for nurturing a culture of diversity, equity, and inclusion.

Mid-Level or emerging managers

Managers will develop the capability to guide and empower their teams to make high quality collaborative decisions, reducing stress and rework.

Individual Contributors

Individuals will gain insight into their own listening habits and the listening habits of their peers. They will learn to communicate and collaborate more effectively, increasing engagement and employee retention.

Listening Intelligence Training Program: Course Outline

The program is a four-part series of two-hour modules to be delivered in sequence, no more than two weeks apart. Participants will learn to leverage the essential tools of Listening Intelligence to improve their own performance as well as develop others.

Developing Listening Intelligence begins by understanding ourselves and the listening habits we’ve come to rely on over time. This first session uses the ECHO Listening Profile, a scientifically validated assessment that identifies habitual listening preferences, to build a foundational awareness of our own unique listening preferences and how that impacts what we tend to listen for, and what we tend to miss in a variety of situations.

Understand what is important to “our listener” can give us valuable insight into their motivations, conversational needs, and their decision-making criteria. Recognizing their physical and verbal cues helps us adjust how we deliver our message to improve mutual understanding. In session two, participants will learn the behaviors and cues that clue us into what others are listening to and for.

How we frame our own language, present our ideas, make statements, and ask questions, can impact what others hear and how they react. Quite often we come into a conversation, meeting, or other situation knowing exactly what we want to say. In this session, participants practice adapting the way they deliver their message based on the audiences’ unique listening preferences and situational needs, ultimately improving the chances for a mutual understanding and the greatest conversational

Individual Listening Assessment results compiled into one Group Profile can help the team understand how their unique preferences contribute to the overall group dynamic. Disparate ways of thinking within a team can lead to misunderstandings, rework, and frustration. However, when leveraged, such diversity can be a great asset. This session highlights the unique contribution of each individual and offers helpful ways to harness the cognitive diversity within the team. The Group Profile provides insight into the specific adjustments needed to save valuable time and money.

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