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Five Behaviors Personal Development®

A growing amount of teams are working in a remote or hybrid setting, making the need for effective teamwork greater than ever. The Five Behaviors Personal Development program provides a model of teamwork that helps individuals navigate the challenges of working with teams effectively.

Five Behaviors® for Individual Development

Define how every employee contributes to a team.

Team structures have changed. In fact, in a recent study of 20,000 employee responses, 76% responded that they are on more than one team. While this trend allows employees greater opportunities to work in a variety of capacities, it also creates a problem for anyone who is trying to implement a team training workshop. What team do you focus on? How do you effectively promote teamwork?

In Patrick Lencioni’s bestselling book, The Five Dysfunctions of a Team, the main character of the fable outlines five areas that collectively cause any team to fail:

  1. Absence of Trust
  2. Fear of  Conflict
  3. Lack of Commitment
  4. Avoidance of Accountability
  5. Inattention to Results

In the Five Behaviors training program, these areas are used to help individual team members understand how they impact any team they are working on.

Five Behaviors Training: How it Works

Five Behaviors Training Step 1

Take the assessment

During this assessment, learners will answer questions about themselves and how they engage with others. This data will be used to generate their personalized report.

Five Behaviors Training Step 2

Participate in a training program

Organizations are able to conduct their own Five Behaviors workshop or they can hire an outside trainer to conduct this session. Online workshops last ~2 hours over two sessions.

Follow-up with free progress/supplemental reports

The Five Behaviors assessment offers free comparison reports that learners can use to understand their differences with others. Organizations that purchase the training materials or hire Center for Internal Change to conduct this training will receive a free continuous learning activities.

Explore the Five Behaviors Training...

Standardize Teamwork

If employees are on more than one team, how do you ensure they know how to act as teammates? The Five Behaviors Personal Development program can help.

Actionable insights

Assessments allow learners to have a unique training experience. As they go through the program, they are discovering unique insights about themself and how to apply these insights to what they are learning. Download a sample report to learn more.

Get some help from Pat Lencioni

In this training, teams can hear directly from Pat Lencioni prior to each model. As the creator of the Five Behaviors team model, learners will benefit from hearing from Pat’s experiences working with really dysfunctional teams. See a sample video where you can hear Pat explain what vulnerability-based trust looks like.

Five Behaviors Training Workshop

Organizations that want to run a Five Behaviors have two options to conduct this training:

  1. Purchase the facilitation materials and use an in-house trainer/learning professional
  2. Contract Center for Internal Change to run the program either virtually or in-person.

For organizations that want to add this training to their toolkit, the facilitation materials pay for themself after running two workshops.

Certified Trainer

$ 1,795
per workshop
  • Up to 100 learners
  • 2-session; 2-hour training program
  • Free follow-up reports
  • Personalized content and tips

Facilitation Kit

$ 1,495
Accreditation course available
  • 4-hour training program
  • Scripted content
  • Engaging activities and video
  • 40-minutes of video


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Five Behaviors Assessment Cost

Five Behaviors Assessments

The Five Behaviors assessments are sold based on quantity. For that reason, it’s better for organizations to purchase their training materials based on yearly usage rather than by individual training events.

There are two options to consider when purchasing these assessments:

  1. Organizations can open an administrative account on a platform called EPIC which is also used to issue Everything DiSC and other training assessments published by Wiley.
  2. Purchase the assessment through our online store. We will contact you directly for all contact information for the attending team members once payment is received (please allow 1 business day to set up).

Purchase Five Behaviors Access Codes

What is EPIC? EPIC is an administrative site that will help organizations manage their employee’s personal reports. To open an account, there is a one-time administrative fee of $95. New administrators will receive access to live monthly EPIC 101 trainings and recorded training sessions. We suggest opening an EPIC account if organizations plan to use the Five Behaviors and other training programs that are published by Wiley. Click to open your account.

Five Behaviors Facilitation

The Five Behaviors trainer kit includes everything you will need to run a successful program:

  • Scripted leaders guide
  • Handouts
  • Customizable PowerPoint
  • Videos
  • Free train-the-trainer

COST: $1,495.00

Five Behaviors Facilitation FAQ

We have compiled a list of questions that we have received over the years to help leam leaders, trainers, and executives determine if this training is right for them. If you have any additional questions please reach out: 847-259-0005 or [email protected]


We do offer an accreditation program for facilitators and trainers that want to be trained on how to run the program. That said, the program is designed so any confident facilitator, coach, or trainer can prepare using the materials and run a successful program.

This program includes 7 unique modules. the modules cover all five behaviors of Pat’s team module along with an introduction module and conclusion module.


Pat Lencioni, founder of the Table Group and author of the Five Dysfunctions of a Team, offers a training program that doesn’t include a built-in behavioral assessment. The Five Behaviors training program is effective because individuals have personalized insights when talking about each subject of the program.

Five Behaviors Training Materials

Five Dysfunctions of a Team

Five Dysfunctions of a Team book

Give your learners the Five Dysfunctions of a Team book prior to your session.

This book will help them understand the journey they are about to take along with something they can return to after your training is over.

Cost: $19.95 + shipping

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