EPIC Account Admin Packages

Your administrative platform for Everything DiSC® DiSC® Classic Team Dimensions Five Behaviors of a Cohesive Team™ Time Mastery Personal Listening

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If you are new to EPIC we have made it easy for you.

Choose the EPIC Account Admin Bundle that meets your needs. We provide free support and assistance to ensure you know how to use your account.  Additional credits are purchased separately. We waive the cost of setting up your EPIC account with an initial purchase of 500 or more credits.


Account Set-Up Fee Number of Credits Included Total Package Price
$95 100 EPIC Credits $575.00
$95 250 EPIC Credits $1,232.50
$95 350 EPIC Credits $1,687.50
$0 500 EPIC Credits $2,150.00
$0 750 EPIC Credits $3,112.50
$0 1,000 EPIC Credits $4,050.00

EPIC Starter Bundles - FAQs

If you are only looking to use DiSC® Classic 2.0 (15 credits per report) or Everything DiSC Workplace® (15 credits per report), and you have an organization that is under 50 people, you don’t have to open an account with a large amount of credits.

If your organization is large and is looking to have everyone take an assessment we would suggest starting with a higher quantity to take advantage of the volume pricing.


You can add EPIC to a majority of Learning Management Systems. Please call us for details and provide information on the LMS you are using. We will connect you to Wiley IT folks to ensure your systems can work together.

EPIC allows trainers and HR to have full control over their organization’s reports.

With EPIC, you will never have to wait for your reports or access codes ever again! If time is your main priority, this is for you. Furthermore,  you can brand your report covers with your logo and contact information. If you are interested in setting up your own account, but are hesitant to learn a new system, contact us about our free EPIC walkthrough using a demo account.

As your authorized DiSC partner, we are here to answer any questions or concerns you may have using your EPIC administrator site. You can give us a call during our normal business hours or email us with concerns any time. Also ask us about our free EPIC 101 webinars.

We typically deposit EPIC credits into your account within a half hour of an order being placed during normal business hours. Orders placed after hours, on over a weekend or holiday, will be deposited the morning of the next business day. If you have a more immediate need for accessing your credits, call us to discuss other options.

Larger organizations that have regional or localized budgets can have more than one account that are all connected. These accounts can be ‘nested’ under each other giving the “parent” account access to “sub-accounts” for the purpose of printing reports or creating group reports.  It can also be set up for the “parent” account to purchase credits at volume pricing and distribute to “sub-accounts”.  Please call us for further information and discuss how we can set this up for your organization.

Check out a few of our additional EPIC resources if you are considering opening an EPIC account:

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