Everything DiSC Workplace® Facilitation Kit

Everything DiSC Workplace® Facilitation Materials

In-depth: Three 90-minute modules; fully-scripted facilitation with engaging activities and workplace-focused video. Includes 30-minute optional people-reading module. Easy Customization: Switch out video clips. Modify the PowerPoint, Leader’s Guide, and handouts. Add or delete sections to fit any time-frame.

The Everything DiSC Workplace Facilitation Kit includes:

  • Leader’s Guide in MS Word PowerPoint® with embedded video
  • Stand-alone, menu-driven video
  • Participant handouts in MS Word Templates and images Sample
  • Everything DiSC Workplace Profile Sample
  • Everything DiSC Comparison Reports
  • Online resources and research
  • Everything DiSC Workplace Guides

User-Friendly Features: Total Portability: Facilitation, video, PowerPoint, and participant handouts delivered on a USB drive or (CDR upon request).

Online Support: Get the latest best practices for customizing your program anytime with the new online help feature. Access up-to-date research and resources.

Module 1: Discovering Your DiSC Style
Participants discover how DiSC styles affect their Workplace relationships and explore the priorities that drive them at work.

Module 2: Understanding Other Styles
Participants learn what works for them and what challenges them when working with each DiSC style.

Module 3: Building More Effective Relationships
Participants create strategies and an action plan to overcome challenges when working with people of different DiSC styles.

Everything DiSC People-Reading Optional Module
Participants learn how to identify others’ DiSC styles based on behavioral cues.

Engaging In-depth Video
Contemporary video includes a seven-minute introduction to DiSC workplace styles plus 13 additional segments.

Easily Customizable: Works three ways: stand alone clips, integrated with the facilitation PowerPoint®, or integrated into your custom PowerPoint presentation.

Everything DiSC Workplace Training and Facilitator Kit: $1,095.  

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Intro To The Everything DiSC

Workplace Strategies

Better Workplace Communication

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Everything DiSC Manual

Finally a comprehensive guide to the research, interpretation, history and theory behind Everything DiSC assessments.

Featured Case Studyicon-casestudy

Everything DiSC Profiles for Change Management and Customer Service

Improving communication and customer service was accomplished with a blend of Everything DiSC for Workplace, Management, group reports and the Personal Listening Profile.

Featured Research Report

From DiSC® Classic To Everything DiSC®

How My Graph Became a Dot.

Recommended Research Report

Everything DiSC Research Report

Validity research on Everything DiSC assessments and profiles.