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QuikDiSC® Card Game

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QuikDiSC is a card-game activity that acts as a DiSC training ice-breaker. It is designed to introduce people to the four DiSC® styles and increases training effectiveness.

How do you use it?   (Click here to Download our Guide!)

The DiSC Card set includes 128 cards divided into four color-coded groups of 32 cards each. Each group has four sets of eight words that describe D, i, S, or C behavioral dimensions. One set of DiSC cards is adequate for a group of up to 21 people.

For larger groups, you will need to order multiple decks. If you are training DiSC to larger groups, we recommend using multiple sets. Complete instructions and ideas for small and large group games are included. We recommend using these cards along with Everything DiSC® assessments that John Wiley & Sons publishes.