DiSC® Classic Facilitation System


Solution-Focused DiSC Training and DiSC Facilitation Kit

disc classic facilitation system

DiSC Classic Facilitation System

The DiSC® Classic Facilitation System is our most comprehensive and cost effective DiSC training program and train-the-trainer facilitation system ever developed. DiSC Certification is not required.

DiSC Classic Facilitation System program is designed as a user-friendly training system to understand and utilize, with success and insight, the DiSC Classic system and product line. DiSC Classic Facilitation System functions as a facilitator program for all DiSC Classic graph-based products by Wiley/Inscape Publishing.

You can easily and rapidly create DiSC Classic-based training solutions using the provided course outlines and modular designed scripts. You can create trainings for multiple needs and scope.

There are “starter” course outlines for:

  • Effective Communication
  • Conflict Management
  • Interpersonal Effectiveness
  • Management Effectiveness
  • Team Effectiveness


You’will also get tips on building your own custom course outlines.

14 Insight Modules (all fully scripted and customizable):

  1. Set Up Module.

  2. Closing Module.

  3. Administration of DiSC Classic – paper version.

  4. Discover Four Styles of Behavior and Explore the General Preferences of Your Style.

  5. Learn about your Strengths and what happens if they are Overused.

  6. Learn about your Behavior When you are in Conflict with Others.

  7. Learn how to Recognize the Styles of Other People

  8. Understand how Others Interpret Your Behavior.

  9. Learn how to Adapt your Style to Facilitate Effective Relationships.

  10. Understand What Motivates you at Work.

  11. Learn how address goals and fear commitment.

  12. Learn to adapt your management style

  13. Sales/Customer Service-Learn to adapt to your customers style.

  14. How to benefit from using the Disc Group Culture Report

The the video is embedded right into the Power Point presentations, eliminating the need to toggle back and forth between a DVD and your presentation. The majority of the video is facilitated in the Course Outlines, and there are several additional segments for you to easily incorporate it into your existing DiSC training. The video is focused in four sections.

DiSC Classic Facilitation System with English and Spanish Subtitles on USB Flash Drive: Price $1,649.

Contact us if you need a DVD version.

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Features Include:

Flexibility and Stabilization. Modular design helps consultants and trainers, from beginners to professionals, create numerous DiSC-based solutions of any scope. With a single investment.

Convenience. The combination of Course Outlines and Insight Modules gets you going with a wide variety of DiSC solutions right out of the box.

Experiential Learning. The DiSC Classic Facilitation System includes more than 20 individual and group exercises, plus alternative activities so you can tailor programs to your style and the needs of your audience.

Multiple Resources. You will have knowledge of and the ability to integrate the following into your trainings:

Customize your trainings or seminars with:

  • More than one hour of video in 68 segments
  • Over 100 professionally designed, customizable PowerPoint slides
  • Professionally designed handouts for creating participant manuals
  • PowerPoint and handout templates
  • Sample reports for online DiSC products facilitated in DiSC Classic Facilitation System

Create Simple, Effective, DiSC-Based Solutions

DiSC Classic Facilitation System is built on a series of Insight Modules that help facilitate specific outcomes, or “insights,” using a broad range of DiSC-based reports and tools. With the Insight Modules, you can:

  • Create simple, effective DiSC-based training solutions
  • Learn which DiSC tool works best for your desired outcome
  • Discover how to combine DiSC resources for better results
  • Customize your own DiSC-based training solution

Each kit also include one set of QuickDiSC Cards and 25 DiSC Classic People-Reading Guides.

Click below to view a sample Course Outlines
Course Outline: Management Training

DiSC Classic Facilitation System with English and Spanish Subtitles on USB Flash Drive: Price $1,649.

Contact us if you need a DVD version.

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Research Report

DiSC Classic Validation Research Report

DiSC Classic 2.0 validation and validity research report.


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