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Private DiSC® Certification

Schedule a Private DiSC Certification Course for your whole L&D / HR Team

About the Private DiSC Certification Course

Are you looking for a framework that will help establish better internal communication and improve culture? 

Look no further than Everything DiSC®!

The Everything DiSC certification course is designed to increase confidence and expertise using the Everything DiSC on Catalyst training program. This course utilizes online, self-directed coursework combined with a live 2-day session at a location of your choosing. This course is perfect for organizations or teams who are committed to implementing DiSC across an organization or with their clients.

Here's what to expect:

Our training team will combine a live, instructor-led session with self-guided, online learning. During this course, your team will learn how to deliver engaging and impactful DiSC learning experiences.

During this course, can expect:

  • A live, online orientation session before the first day of class.
  • Twenty-four hours of application-focused learning and discussions.
  • Access to the online self-directed learning portal.
  • Your own Everything DiSC on Catalyst assessment.
  • A culminating project focused on building a unique DiSC workshop for your organization or clients.
  • Practice using the Everything DiSC on Catalyst reports suite for group facilitation or individual coaching.
  • Completion of the final exam.
  • Option to join our Bonus Session for information on additional workshop activities and an introduction to other Everything DiSC-based applications.

Private DiSC Certification Costs:

Below are the costs required to schedule a private DiSC Certification course:

  • $2,995 for at least one learner (includes Everything DiSC Catalyst facilitation kit
  • $1,995 for remaining learners (does not include facilitation materials / must have at least five additional learners).
  • Travel Costs (Hotel/airfare/etc.) if in-person certification is desired.
Minimum Registration fee for six learners: $12,970

DiSC Applications available on Catalyst:

disc certification for management training


During DiSC Certification, you will experience how you can leverage these tools to improve how managers delegate, create motivating environments, and develop their employees.

Agile EQ

Agile EQ combines the insights of DiSC and Emotional Intelligence (EQ) to help employees become more agile in their workplace interactions. DiSC Cert learners will experience how this training works.


During Everything DiSC Certification, you are provided access to the Workplace training program that can be used with anyone in the organization.

Certification Process (In-Person & Virtual Options)

The Everything DiSC Certification Course is packed full of content. Because of the fast pace, learners must complete the required pre-work before joining the live class. We recommend that groups who plan to combine this course with a team offsite plan to engage in offsite activities after this course has concluded because of the amount of content covered.

Below, we have outlined how in-person and online courses would work for your private class.

In-Person Certification Outline


Self-directed / Online Learning

4 hours

  • Attend a live, virtual orientation session.
  • Complete the Everything DiSC Catalyst assessment.
  • Begin online activities in preparation for classroom activities

Day 1

Classroom Activities

8 hours

  • Participant experience of facilitated Everything DiSC on Catalyst
  • Coaching with Everything DiSC
  • Apply knowledge through case study activities

Day 2

Classroom Activities

8 hours

  • Facilitation practice
  • Workshop Project presentations and feedback
  • Supporting ongoing impact in organizations

Day 3

Self-Directed Online Learning

1 - 2 hours

Next steps with Everything DiSC.

Exam opens.

Online Certification Outline


Online / Self-directed assignments

5 hours

  • Attend a live, online, virtual orientation session.
  • Complete the Catalyst assessment.
  • Review the DiSC Model.
  • Complete pre-work for for Live Session 1.

Week 1

Online / Self-directed assignments

10 hours

  • Attend Live Sessions one & two (2-hours each)
  • Complete self-directed learning through the online learning portal before each session.
  • Topics covered: experience the facilitated session, coaching with DiSC, DiSC Research, and more.

Week 2

Online / Self-directed assignments

10 hours

  • Attend Live Sessions three & four (2-hours each)
  • Completed self-directed learning through the online learning portal before each session.
  • Topics covered: Facilitation and coaching practice, presenting your culminating project, and accessing the DiSC Certification exam.

What's included in your registration fee?

Facilitation Materials

Downloadable activities, handouts, videos, leader's guide, and customizable PowerPoints.

DiSC Practitioner Forum

Train the Trainer Library

We provide hours of training videos that help training teams learn how to best use these materials with additional workshop enhancements.


Book Library

Take your DiSC learning to the next level with our library of DiSC-related books! Not required reading for the course.

DiSC Admin Account

Included in the cost of Certification is access to EPIC, the administrative portal for Everything DiSC.


When you complete the Everything DiSC Certification course, you have the ability to earn 20 SHRM PDCs.

Private DiSC Certification Requirements

Private disc certification

Only available for groups of 6+ learners.

Our private DiSC Certification course is designed for large learning and development or human resource teams looking to quickly bring the whole team up to speed on implementing and training using Everything DiSC.

We require that any group seeking to become certified in Everything DiSC must have at least six learners. For groups with fewer than six members, please consider joining our public Online DiSC Certification classes held monthly.

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