The Great Connection by Arnie Warren

The Great Connection is a simple story that helps explain one of the most common problems: how to build meaningful relationships with others. 

Written in 1996, this story continues to provide insights as our work and personal lives are spent more and more online.

The Great Connection follows the main character Bob Hathaway who is having doubts about his career. He is a great radio host, but is having issues with his boss, Blaylock, who is asking him to change how he does his job. These issues start to form a deepening doubt that he doesn’t know how to really connect with people.

Fortunately, Bob Hathaway, meets Doc Crater, who teaches a simple way on how to approach everyone. The story closely mirrors the DISC Theory of behaviors (Dominance, Influence, Steadiness, and Conscientiousness).

The Great Connection and DiSC Training

The Great Connection provides a simple story that will help to explain how to use DISC. The story’s hero, Doc Crater, teaches Bob Hathaway to look for what he calls ‘signposts’ that describe a person. These signposts have a direct correlation to William Moulton Marston’s DISC Theory. DiSC Trainers and coaches can use this book as a follow-up or pre-work for DiSC training. We provide this book as part of our Online DiSC Certification class because of how well it explains how to use DiSC.

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