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The 8 Dimensions of Leadership

DiSC® Strategies For Becoming A Better Leader.


About the Book

The 8 Dimensions of Leadership helps you identify your primary leadership dimension. Whether you are a Pioneering, Energizing, Affirming, Inclusive, Humble, Deliberate, Resolute, or Commanding leader, the book helps you understand the psychological drivers, motivations, and “blind spots” characteristic of your style.

But no single leadership style will take you all the way. A Humble leader may have a hard time making tough decisions. A Commanding leader may run roughshod over potential allies. The book details the lessons all leaders can learn from each style, enabling you to craft a multidimensional approach to becoming the leader you aspire to be.

Discover your primary leadership dimension!

Want to find your primary leadership style? Discover it when you read the book!

With the 8 Dimensions book as your guide, you can map your DiSC style onto one of the eight, leadership dimensions.

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