PXT Select Starter Bundles

PXT Select™ Starter Bundles

Experience the power of PXT Select

PXT Select helps you determine those things you wish you would have known about a candidate ahead of time. Don’t waste money on a bad hire. Discover if someone is truly the right fit for the job by using objective data from a researched and validated hiring assessment. Using the latest in assessment technology, PXT Select is able to accurately provide data about a candidate’s behaviors, thinking style, and interests.

With PXT Select, you will have access to an online dashboard where you can compare candidates, schedule assessments, and develop performance models. Once a candidate has completed their assessment, you can generate an unlimited number of reports. View samples of the growing library of reports you can create for each candidate or download our Report Guide. The data from the PXT Select suite of reports is designed to help you effectively select, onboard, coach, and develop your candidates and future employees.

PXT Select Starter Bundle

Package has a value of:
$ 250 /assessment
  • 35 Candidate PXT Select Reports
  • Assessment Consultation and Coaching
  • Administrator Account and Training
  • Access to all PXT Supplemental Reports
  • Free Consultation and Report Analysis
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