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PXT Select™

The PXT Select assessment gathers accurate, objective, and reliable data to help organizations confidently hire, manage, and retain productive employees.

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PXT Select: How it works

PXT Select is a hiring assessment that provides objective data for employers to use during their hiring process.

It will predict how successful a candidate will be in any given position. It was designed to help employers avoid hiring bias, benchmark employee performance, and streamline hiring processes.

PXT Select is built to determine how a candidate fits a position. This process is built upon a Harvard Business Review 20-year-long study. The research sought to determine what predictors would help managers determine if a candidate could become a successful employee.

This study reviewed 360,000 individuals in 14 different industries. It tested whether demographics, education, or experience could predict if a candidate would be successful. Ultimately, the study found that only when candidates were fit for the job did they become successful employees.

PXT uses the following process to help organizations, of any size, determine how well a candidate will fit an open position:

  1. Build a performance model of your ideal candidate using current employee data or from our database
  2. Assess candidates using a computerized adaptive assessment.
  3. Compare candidate assessment results.
  4. Interview candidates using easy-to-read reports that are packed with detailed insights.

What are Performance Models?

PXT Select predicts how a candidate will perform in any type of position by comparing their assessment results to a Performance Model. Building these models requires outlining the cognitive, behavioral, or motivations/interests for the position. This data can be compiled from a few different areas. However, the best source of data is from employees who currently work in the position. We are able to combine current employee data with both survey data or data from our library of performance models.

These attributes represent the core of who a person is and what they will ultimately bring to the Workplace. The PXT assessment is able to identify what level of cognitive ability a position requires, the best personality traits, and even if someone will enjoy the position which helps predict if a candidate will stay on in the position.

PXT Select Thinking Style

Thinking Style

PXT measures numeric and verbal thinking styles. This represents how a person thinks and also their ability to learn.

PXT Select - Personality

Behavior & Personality

PXT measures behavioral traits to understand a candidate's personality. This area is used to predict how a candidate does a job.

PXT Select - Motivations

Motivations and interests

PXT measures and ranks a candidate's interests and motivations. This measures how much candidates will enjoy the job.

Creating a performance model is pretty straightforward process. PXT Select will utilize data from the following sources:

  1. Current employee data
  2. Data from our library of performance models
  3. Insights from a Job Analysis Survey
  4. Combination of these data sources

We strongly recommend using employee data to create a performance model. Please note that to create a model entirely from employee data requires at least 30 employees in a single position. However, for organizations that don’t have that many employees in a single position, we will combine employee data with our library of models. Furthermore, we can use survey data from hiring managers that helps capture job-specific attributes.

This sample performance model details how job attributes are shown. The areas in green under Thinking Style represent the range that this particular model seeks for cognitive abilities. The area in blue/teal represents the behavioral attributes that the job requires. Finally, the performance model also lists the top three interests and motivations.

Every position will require different ranges of behavioral, cognitive, and motivations. PXT Select is able to capture the nuances of your position.

PXT Select Performance Model

Use PXT Select to hire for:

Any Position

Use PXT Select to understand how a candidate will fit any position in your organization.

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Customer Service

PXT's Customer Service Profile measures cognitive, behavioral, and how a candidate approaches customer service.

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PXT Select Assessment

PXT Select uses an advanced assessment process called computerized adaptive testing. This assessment process is able to balance the insights employers want from their candidates, and the time required for candidates to complete an assessment. Adaptive testing pulls from hundreds of questions, but only asks specific questions based on how a user answered the prior questions. Here is an example of how it works during cognitive questioning:

The candidate is first asked a moderately difficult question:

    1. If the candidate gets the question correct they are asked a more difficult question
    2. If the candidate gets the question wrong they are asked an easier question

This process is repeated until the assessment algorithm is able to confidently score a person’s thinking abilities. The benefits of this process are that candidates are only asked a limited number of questions, rather than forcing candidates to answer every question that is available. For personality and interest-based questions, the assessment uses a Likert scale. Similar to the cognitive questions, the more aligned a person is with a certain behavior or interest, the fewer follow-up questions are asked.

Avoid the 'black-box' assessment process

The Talent Board and the CandE Annual Research report have consistently shown that a candidate’s experience affects a candidate’s relationshiop has with the potential employer.

67% of candidates that were surveyed in 2020 through the annual CandE Candidate Experience Survey reported that they took some form of a pre-employment assessment. However, when employers engaged in open communication with candidates,  they found candidates viewed organizations more favorably regardless if they were offered a position or not.

For that reason, PXT Select offers a Candidate Report that is designed specifically for candidates. This report provides insights that a candidate can use for personal development.

PXT Select is designed so the assessment process is useful for both the candidate and the employer.

PXT Select Candidate Report

Any Position

Use PXT Select to understand how a candidate will fit any position in your organization.

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Customer Service

PXT's Customer Service Profile measures cognitive, behavioral, and how a candidate approaches customer service.

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Compare Results; Find the best Candidate

PXT Select Candidate Fit

PXT Select offers an easy way to compare candidates to a single position, multiple positions, and other candidates. This type of reporting expands how your organization can approach talent acquisition. PXT Select is priced based on a candidate’s assessment score. Once a candidate’s assessment is scored, the data can be used as many times as the organization needs to view it. This provides organizations the ability to:

  1. Use candidate data to compare to multiple open positions
  2. Use employee data to evaluate position promotion or position transfer
  3. Analyze how a candidate or current employee will work on a team

Single Position Comparison

The most widely used comparison report is the Candidate Selection Report. In this report, PXT Select compares a candidate’s assessment scores against a specific Performance Model. On this sample report, the candidate’s scores are represented as OC for Oliver Chase (the sample candidate’s name).

This candidate’s scores are compared against a single performance model which is represented as the areas in color (green for Think Style / Blue-Teal for Behavioral Traits), and three listed Interests/Motivations.

At a glance, it’s very easy to see where Oliver Chase scored both within and outside of the performance model. PXT Select aggregates a candidate’s scores and represents how the scores compare to the model as a percent. The higher the percent, the better a candidate fits for that specific model.

PXT Select - Single Position

Multiple Candidates Comparison

PXT Select Multiple Candidates Report

Having multiple candidates for a single position allows organizations to choose the best candidate that is available. However, at times it’s hard to itemize what characteristics make a candidate a better fit compared to another candidate. If there are more than one decision-makers, miscommunication could cause a team to choose the wrong candidate.

PXT Select offers Multiple Candidates Report that allows hiring managers the ability to review all potential candidates within a single report.

With this report, a hiring team is able to objectively discuss what traits and characteristics stand out between each candidate. This report is monumental during the decision-making process and will help keep hiring teams aligned.

Multiple Positions Comparison

Don’t let your prime candidates get away with the Multiple Positions Comparison report. If your organization has multiple entry-level positions, different sales teams, or divisions, this report will allow talent acquisition teams to compare a candidate to other positions.

This ability can allow recruiting teams to keep high quality candidates in their queue by offering the candidate a chance to apply for a different position based on their assessment results.

PXT Select - Multiple Positions

Any Position

Use PXT Select to understand how a candidate will fit any position in your organization.

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Customer Service

PXT's Customer Service Profile measures cognitive, behavioral, and how a candidate approaches customer service.

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Interview Using PXT Select

The best interviews allow candidates to talk about how they can use their abilities and experiences to work well in the position they are applying for. PXT Select provides specific interview questions based on the candidate’s assessment scores. Furthermore, it offers advice on what hiring managers should listen for as the candidate answers interview questions. PXT Select offers the following assistance during the interview:

  1. Specific Interview questions based on a candidate’s assessment score
  2. Advice for Hiring Managers for what to listen for as candidates answer interview questions

The PXT Select Interview Questions provide specific feedback for hiring managers about areas of strength, weakness, and areas that candidates met the performance model. Hiring managers can focus their time on understanding how a candidate’s personality and abilities will help them succeed in the position.

Furthermore, these questions can help hiring managers avoid their own personal biases. These interview questions focus on a candidate’s ability, and the advice sections ask the hiring managers to focus on how the candidate responds about their behavior or their abilities.

PXT Select Pricing

Center for Internal Change does not charge a consulting fee in addition to the PXT Select assessment. Included in the cost of the assessment is the time we will spend helping to create a performance model and training on how to use PXT Select effectively.

Quantity discounts are available for both the Customer Service Profile and the Custom position tool. 

PXT for Any Position

$ 295 /Candidate
  • Validated for Hiring
  • Use with any position type
  • Leadership Modeling Available

PXT for Customer Service

$ 155 /Candidate
  • Validated for Hiring
  • Use with any industry
  • Benchmark Customer Service Perspectives

PXT Select Research

PXT Select is EEOC compliant and is validated for hiring.

The assessment is standardized, but adaptive testing makes it quicker for candidates while providing better accuracy.

Unfortunately, there are many assessments that are used for hiring that aren’t validated like DiSC.

Whether you use PXT Select or a different tool, we hope you ensure you are using a tool that is validated for hiring.


Hire smarter with PXT Select

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