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PXT Select will help gather accurate, objective, and reliable data so organizations can confidently hire, manage, and retain productive employees. Receive a free consultation to learn more.

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Hire Candidates Using Job Fit

The Harvard Business Review (HBR) conducted a 20-year long study to determine what predictors, if any, would help hiring managers determine if a candidate could become a successful employee. This study reviewed 360,000 individuals in 14 different industries. It tested whether demographics, education, or experience could predict if a candidate would be successful.

It turned out that none of these items alone could predict if a candidate would be successful. However, the research found that if a candidate was a “good fit” for their position they would ultimately be successful within their job.

How does PXT Select measure job fit?

Thinking Style

How a person thinks and learns is a key indicator of job fit. PXT Select measures numeric and verbal thinking styles. Essentially, this measures if someone can do the job.

Behavior & Personality

PXT Select measures 9 unique behavioral traits that will help hiring managers understand the candidate's personality. This section measures how they do the job.

Motivations and interests

PXT Select will measure and rank a candidate's interests and motivations based on 7 categories. This measures if they will enjoy the job.

Use PXT Select for better hiring decisions

Once a candidate has completed their assessment, hiring managers will receive a report that is both easy to understand and can be used during an interview. This report helps you make smarter hiring decisions with confidence and gives you a meaningful edge in your screening and hiring process. 

Use the report to gain insights about one candidate in graph and narrative form. Learn about a candidate’s overall fit for a position. Dig deeper with customized interview questions.

PXT Assessment and Research

PXT Select has two primary components. A validated for hiring assessment that uses computerized adaptive testing and a performance model to compare a candidate’s scores against.

At it’s core pre-employment testing allows employers to better understand their candidates and avoid bad hires. However, many screening tools aren’t validated for hiring.

PXT Select is EEOC compliant and is validated for hiring.

The assessment is standardized, but adaptive testing makes it quicker for candidates while providing better accuracy.

Unfortunately, there are many assessments that are used for hiring that aren’t validated like DiSC.

Whether you use PXT Select or a different tool, we hope you ensure you are using a tool that is validated for hiring.


The PXT Select assessment can be used immediately.

We will work with your organization to produce a completely customizable benchmark for your positions or provide a benchmark based on a similar position or role.

This solution is easy to understand. Hiring is a process that involves multiple individuals across teams. PXT’s reporting is easy to use and doesn’t require training.

Furthermore, once a candidate is tested, you can continue to use their data for free.

What does PXT Select Cost?

PXT Select’s price starts at $295 per scored assessment. Included in the cost are all reports and unlimited performance models. There is no charge to compare a candidate against multiple performance models. Additionally, Center for Internal Change does not charge a consulting fee for this product. 

Organizations that plan to use more than 34 assessments in a year, please contact us for pricing.

30 Candidates or Less

Per year
$ 295 /Candidate
  • Validated for Hiring
  • Access to all reports
  • Start using immediately

More than 30 Candidates

Per Year
Free Quote 30+ Candidates
  • Volume Pricing
  • Access to all reports
  • Free Consultation

Hire smarter with PXT Select

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