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PXT Select

What is PXT Select™?

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Hiring Assessments and Employee Screenings are an indispensable tools for assessing “Right Fit” and successful employee development in the workplace. The right employee screening process is key to finding and retaining your most talented personnel. Research reveals the effectiveness of data-driven recruitment and people analytics. PXT Select provides a user-friendly and validated suite of hiring tests and tools to maximize your ROI per employee.

PXT Select’s suite of reports helps your organization to select, onboard, coach and develop employees. Gain the following benefits from using PXT Select testing in your organization:

 Make the very human decisions about hiring simpler and smarter by having candidates answer a series of questions.

 Fill the gap between the resume and the interview. PXT Select tests provides organizations with actionable, objective data about candidates in a simple to understand format that can help you interview better and hire smarter.

 Measure a candidate’s cognitive abilities, behaviors, and interests all with one online assessment.

 Become equipped with easy to understand information about a candidate, and receive intuitive questions to strengthen your interview process.

 Gain insights into a candidate’s personality type, thinking style, behaviors, and interests: three areas that impact an individual’s approach to situations in the workplace.

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Quantity Pricing for PXT Select Meters
One meter includes all reports for one participant

1 – 34 Meters: $295.00 each

35 – 99 Meters: $250.00 each

100+ Meters: $200.00 each

Additional options available for a higher volume of 150+ assessments. Call 847-259-0005 for details.



What reports are available with PXT Select™?

All of the following reports are available with the purchase of one PXT Select Meter. Download our Report Guide to learn more about how to use and what you’ll find in each report.

Selection Reports:

Comprehensive Selection Report – This powerful report helps you make smarter hiring decisions with confidence and gives you a meaningful edge in your screening and hiring process. Learn about a candidate’s overall fit for a position, and gain further insights with customized interview questions.

Multiple Positions Report – Compare a candidate or employee to multiple jobs in your organization.

Multiple Candidates Report – Make hiring decisions with ease. Compare multiple candidates for a single position.

Performance Model Report – Learn about the ideal candidate for a specific role.

Participant Reports:

Individual’s Feedback Report – This narrative report doesn’t reveal scores and is perfectly safe to share with applicants.

Individual’s Graph – The graph illustrates a candidate’s results that you can view at a glance.

Onboarding/Development Reports:

Team Report – See how a potential candidate fits an existing team, or address your current team’s dynamics and strengths.

Manager-Employee Report – Help managers discover how they can work more effectively with their employees.

Coaching Report – Wish you had coaching advice tailored to each employee? This report gives you exactly that!

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