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Hire Candidates Using Job Fit

The Harvard Business Review (HBR) conducted a 20-year long study to determine what predictors, if any, would help hiring managers determine if a candidate could become a successful employee. This study reviewed 360,000 individuals in 14 different industries. It tested whether demographics, education, or experience could predict if a candidate would be successful.

It turned out that none of these items alone could predict if a candidate would be successful. However, the research found that if a candidate was a “good fit” for their position they would ultimately be successful within their job.

What is PXT Select?

Talent Board’s 2016 Candidate Experience Research report reveled that an astonishing 82% of companies are using some variation of a selection assessment. Unfortunately, many organizations use assessments that only measure one aspect of a candidate, such as behavior.

PXT Select™ helps to determine how well a person might fit a position based on three primary areas: thinking style, interests, and behavior. Measuring a candidate against these three areas allows hiring managers to interview more effectively and make an informed hiring decision.

How does PXT Select work?

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To help you make the most informed decision, PXT Select offers numerous reports included with the cost of one assessment. Using these reports, you can compare multiple candidates’ profiles, compare a candidate against multiple positions, or even review specific interview questions based on how your candidate responded to the assessment.

Additionally, if you hired someone using the PXT Select assessment, you can continue to utilize their data in team or coaching reports and even compare them to new positions for succession planning.

Selection made easy

Comprehensive Selection Report – This powerful report helps you make smarter hiring decisions with confidence and gives you a meaningful edge in your screening and hiring process. 

Gain insights about one candidate in graph and narrative form. Learn about a candidate’s overall fit for a position. Dig deeper with customized interview questions.

Additional Selection Reports

Sales: Comprehensive Selection Report – This is the best report to use for selection of a candidate with a sales focus. Eight critical sales practices are identified and discussed.

Multiple Positions Report – Compare a candidate or employee to multiple jobs in your organization.

Multiple Candidates Report – Make hiring decisions with ease. Compare multiple candidates for a single position.

Performance Model Report – Learn about the ideal candidate for a specific role.

Leadership Report – Understand how your candidate leads – is your candidate Bold or Deliberate? Determine how your candidate would make decisions as a leader based on six areas: Creating a Vision; Developing Strategies; Ensuring Results; Inspiring People; Being Approachable; Mentoring Others. 

Each area has three associated behavioral continuums so you can get key-insights into your candidate’s leadership style.

Onboarding / Development Reports

Team Report – See how a potential candidate fits an existing team, or address your current team’s dynamics and strengths.

Manager-Employee Report – Help managers discover how they can work more effectively with their employees.

Coaching Report – Wish you had coaching advice tailored to each employee? This report gives you exactly that!

Sales: Coaching Report – Use for on boarding, training, or coaching using sales-related coaching tips.

Participant Reports

Individual’s Feedback Report – This narrative report doesn’t reveal scores and is perfectly safe to share with applicants.

Sales: Individual’s Feedback Report – The report provides a narrative around a candidate’s results with a sales focus.

Individual’s Graph – The graph illustrates a candidate’s results that you can view at a glance.

How Can PXT Select Help Determine Job Fit?

There are many hiring and selection assessments available on the market today. PXT Select offers the following benefits:

  1. It’s simple to use and easy to understand.
  2. It’s validated for hiring and selection.
  3. It is customizable for any position.

The PXT reports are laid out in a way that capture a lot of information without being difficult understand. Furthermore, PXT can help standardize your hiring process. Below is an example of one way you could incorporate PXT Select into a hiring process:

Identify Potential Candidates

Phone Screen

Phone screen a large volume of potential candidates. Ask each candidate the same questions to ensure decisions are made using a standard procedure. Listen for low energy, tone of voice, and what subjects they bring up to determine their desire for the position (is it money, benefits, or interest in the role?).

Identify Potential Candidates

Test Your Best Candidates

PXT Select Assessment

Select your top candidates from your phone screening to take PXT Select. We suggest choosing 2 to 5 candidates depending on the type of position and size of your organization.

Test Your Best Candidates

Interview Your Best Candidates

In-person Interview

Using the objective data from the PXT Select Comprehensive Selection report, identify specific interview questions for key areas outlined in the report.

Interview Your Best Candidates

Review Your Best Candidates

Review Candidates

Use the Multiple Candidates report to compare your top candidates from the in-person interview.

Run a Team Report to compare a potential candidate to the team they will be working on (requires all team members to have taken the PXT Select assessment).

Do you have a candidate that you think may be better suited to a different role? Run their results against multiple performance models.

All reports are included at no additional cost.

Review Your Best Candidates

Hire Your Best Candidate

Hire With Confidence

Inform your hiring decisions using objective data. As your organization expands or has new obstacles, use PXT Select data to help ‘re-fit’ your current employees into these new roles.

Hire Your Best Candidate

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