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PXT Select Assessment

PXT Select is a unique hiring assessment that is designed to determine how a candidate fits any position, regardless of industry. To use this hiring assessment, we first build a unique model of a position using benchmarks in thinking ability, behavior, and motivations/interests. We build this model by using current employee data, survey data, data from our library of performance models, or a combination of all three data sources. Once a model is built, your candidates take a smart, adaptive assessment, and their results and compared instantly.

Learn how PXT Select Works

PXT Select - Hire for Sales


No sales position is the same. The PXT Select assessment captures the nuances of any sales position. Long sales process? Short sales process? Relationship-focused selling or cold calling - PXT can help. Find out more today.

PXT Select - Hire for Management-Supervisor-Leaders


PXT assessment shows how a candidate will perform in a management position. Furthermore, it shows their leadership capabilities. After the manager is hired, it provides coaching reports for new managers to use with their teams.

PXT Select - Hire for Engineering and Technology

All positions

Administration, engineering, or website development; the PXT Select assessment is able to help managers understand a candidate's behavioral, thinking styles, and motivations easily. Learn how PXT Select can help your hiring process.

PXT Select predicts how a candidate’s success by comparing a candidate’s assessment results to a Performance Model. Building these models requires outlining the cognitive, behavioral, or motivations/interests for the position. PXT Select will utilize data from the following sources to create a performance model:

  1. Current employee data
  2. Data from our library of performance models
  3. Insights from a Job Analysis Survey
  4. Combination of these data sources

After a performance model is built, the candidate is invited to complete their PXT Select assessment. PXT Select uses an advanced assessment process called computerized adaptive testing. Adaptive testing pulls from hundreds of questions, but only asks specific questions based on how a user answered the prior questions. This creates a quicker assessment with more precise results.

The candidate’s scores are immediately processed and compared to a performance model.

On this sample report, the candidate’s scores are represented as OC for Oliver Chase (the sample candidate’s name). The areas in color represent the performance model that was used.

Looking at the Verbal Skill section, you can see that the performance model was looking for a candidate with a medium-level score (between 3 and 7). However, the candidate, Oliver Chase, scored a 9.

The assessment process looks to see how well a candidate fits the model; not how well they scored.

PXT Selection Report

PXT Select assessment tested 100,000 candidates since 2017. Thousands of organizations use it to help streamline their hiring process and prevent hiring bias. Below, you can see the top positions and organizations that have used PXT Select since 2017.

PXT Select Assessment: Sales

PXT Select helps managers hire salespeople by providing insights about if a person is able to do a job. However, for a sales role, PXT Select goes deeper. The assessment is also able to determine how a candidate will approach the sales process. PXT Select measures the following sales area:

  1. Prospecting: How a candidate strategizes and seeks sales opportunities with clients.
  2. Initiating Contact: What steps a candidate will take to make the initial introduction with a client
  3. Building & Maintaining Relationships: How a candidate creates and establishes a connection with a client.
  4. Closing the Sale: How a candidate transitions from discussion to transaction.
  5. Self-Starting: How the candidate takes initiative.
  6. Resourcefulness: How a candidate will maximize resources to reach goals.

These areas represent the full spectrum of the sales process. Not every aspect of these insights will be valuable for every sales team. However, teams can use the insights that are most valuable for their position and sales process. In addition to these behavioral areas related to sales, PXT Select offers managers insights into how to best coach the candidate (if they become an employee), and how the candidate will work on a team.

Each section of insights is written in clear language to ensure that every member of the hiring team is able to understand more about the candidate.

For a sales team that uses cold calling, the prospecting section will be vital to understand if a candidate is able to find success in the role. As an example, the example candidate, Oliver Chase, might not be the best candidate for a sales role that involves cold calling. Cold calling requires an inherent motivation to approach any lead without being overly selective.

PXT Select for Sales

PXT Select for Sales

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PXT Select Assessment: Leadership

PXT Select assessment predicts how well a candidate will fit into a specific leadership position. In addition, PXT Select is also able to showcase what leadership capabilities a candidate possesses. PXT Select is able to help identify the following leadership qualities :

  1. How a candidate crafts a vision for a team/organization
  2. How a candidate develops strategies
  3. How a candidate ensures results
  4. How a candidate inspires employees
  5. When the candidate is most approachable when leading
  6. How the leader will mentor

The candidate’s assessment scores provide deeper insights into how a candidate will actually lead. These insights are perfect to help an organization determine if a candidate will fit or change the current organizational culture.

The PXT Select Leadership report provides both an overview of the leader’s capabilities, but also interview questions to help the full hiring team understand how the candidate would perform in each area.

As an example, we can see how the sample candidate, Oliver Chase, behaves when he is tasked to ensure the results of a strategy. Olver’s leadership style is to move quickly and potentially micro-manage to make sure things get done. This overview can be really helpful for the hiring team to determine how this behavior would fit or affect the team’s culture.

PXT Select for manager-supervisor-Leadership positions
PXT Select hiring for leadership-management

The overview of the leadership style is helpful to understand what qualities a leader possesses. However, PXT goes even further. The Leadership report also provides the following insights:

  1. Leadership quality Strengths
  2. Leadership quality Weakness
  3. Interview questions to better understand a candidate’s Leadership qualities.

As an example, we can see that the candidate, Oliver Chase, will likely keep and meet deadlines. However, they might also eat away at a team or organization’s culture if their pace for meeting deadlines is unchecked. PXT Select takes these insights and provides interview questions to help organizations understand how a leader, manager, or supervisor will lead.

PXT Select for Leaders

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PXT Select for any position

The power in the PXT Select assessment is how it balances superior insights within easy to read reports and comparison tools. Whether your organization is looking to hire a single candidate or fill an entire department or division, PXT is able to easily provide insights that will become vital in your decision-making process. PXT Select provides the following reporting tools to help the selection process:

  1. Candidate fit prediction & Interview Questions
  2. Compare one candidate to multiple open positions
  3. Compare multiple candidates to a single position

The PXT assessment is designed to predict how well a candidate will fit into any position. This powerful feature will help guide any manager in how they want to approach a conversation with their candidate. The higher the candidate scores on the model, the better fit they will be for the position. While this part of the tool offers incredible insights, PXT Select goes deeper to help the hiring process by offer interview questions that managers can use to ensure that the candidate absolutely fits the position.

Talent Board’s annual candidate survey results consistently show that many interviews aren’t well structured. Candidates walk away disappointed that they didn’t have a good chance to talk about their skills, and employers have faulty data based on the experience for what the candidate can offer.

PXT Select is able to break out of the poor interview experience by using the candidate’s assessment data to develop specific interview questions. Hiring managers can either use the interview questions provided, or adapt them to marry specific experience that the candidate would experience on the job.

Multiple Positions Comparison

Don’t let your prime candidates get away with the Multiple Positions Comparison report. If your organization has multiple entry-level positions, different sales teams, or divisions, this report will allow talent acquisition teams to compare a candidate to other positions.

This ability can allow recruiting teams to keep high quality candidates in their queue by offering the candidate a chance to apply for a different position based on their assessment results.

Multiple Candidates Comparison

Having multiple candidates for a single position allows organizations to choose the best candidate that is available. However, at times it’s hard to itemize what characteristics make a candidate a better fit compared to another candidate. If there are more than one decision-makers, miscommunication could cause a team to choose the wrong candidate.

PXT Select offers Multiple Candidates Report that allows hiring managers the ability to review all potential candidates within a single report.

With this report, a hiring team is able to objectively discuss what traits and characteristics stand out between each candidate. This report is monumental during the decision-making process and will help keep hiring teams aligned.

PXT Select for Any Position

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Number of Units Price per Unit
1 - 9 Units
10 - 24 Units
25 - 99 Units
100 - 249 Units

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