PXT Select Assessment

The PXT Select™ Assessment

Performance Models to Determine Job Fit

So what is job fit?

Ultimately, finding out if a candidate is the right fit for the role is the end goal of any hiring process. When a person’s interests, cognitive skills, and behavioral style are in line with their position, they are engaged, productive, and effective. 

Astonishinglya recent Gallup Survey discovered that only 13% of employees around the world feel engaged in their job.

PXT helps determine job fit by taking a candidate’s assessment results and comparing them to a researched and validated performance models.

What's a performance model?

Think of performance models as a blue-print for a successful candidate in your position. Performance models are templates of jobs based on traits of people who were successful in those jobs. Most importantly, they were created using thousands of individuals, case studies, and Department of Labor databases of successful people who work in these positions.

Can I create my own performance model?

Yes! PXT allows you to build your own performance model off of data from your current employees, or you can tweak a current model to better fit your specific position. 

How is the candidate tested?

The PXT Assessment takes about 60-minutes to complete and it uses Computerized Adaptive testing to ensure accuracy and precision. PXT tests your candidate in the following ways:

Thinking Style

Measures cognitive ability, or how a person processes and communicates information. This includes vocabulary, mathematical concepts, and problem solving ability.

Behavioral Traits

Measures behavioral preferences. Behavioral preferences influence our behaviors. Nine different traits are measured in the PXT Select assessment.


Measures interest in six different areas that have been identified to be effective in describing people's motivation and potential satisfaction with their jobs.

Thinking Style

When PXT measures a person’s thinking style, it’s really measuring how a person processes information: 

  • Verbal Skill is the measurement of vocabulary; respondents identify synonyms to words. 
  • Verbal Reasoning is the measurement of a person’s ability to use words to solve problems (respondents complete analogies).
  • Numerical Ability is the measurement of how a candidate solves numeric problems and performs calculations.
  • Numerical Reasoning is the measurement of how a candidate uses numbers as a basis of problem solving. 

We are frequently asked if a candidate can skip the math portion of the assessment because their job won’t require them to use math. Math is included on every assessment because it is a good indicator of someone’s ability to solve problems. However, because the assessment uses adaptive testing, if someone is not strong in math, they won’t get loads of those types of questions.

Behavioral Traits

Similarly to behavioral assessments like DiSC or Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI), PXT identifies a person’s work-related preferences and behaviors. Where DiSC measures 2 points of a person’s behavior and MBTI measures 4 areas, PXT measures a person in nine distinct areas:

PXT Select Behavioral Measurements:

  • Pace
  • Assertiveness
  • Sociability
  • Conformity
  • Outlook
  • Decisiveness
  • Accommodation
  • Independence
  • Judgment


PXT includes 6-broad categories which were derived from the Department of Labor’s occupational interests. This section of the report essentially asks what does a candidate get excited about?
  • Enterprising – Enjoys leadership, presenting ideas, and persuading others
  • Financial/Administrative – Enjoys working with numbers and organizing information
  • People Service – Enjoyment of collaboration, compromise, and helping others
  • Technical – Enjoys learning technical material, interpreting complex information, and solving problems
  • Mechanical – Enjoys building and repairing things, working with hands and using machinery and tools
  • Creative – Enjoyment of imaginative and artistic activities

Quantity Pricing

PXT is designed to not clog your hiring funnel. We recognize that there are many geographical areas where there is a real shortage of candidates. Adding a selection assessment could lengthen your hiring process depending on how many decision makers are involved in the process. For that reason, you are only charged when a PXT Select assessment is scored.

The PXT testing environment can allow your candidates to take the assessment before you decide if you want to look at their data. If you decide to ultimately pass on a candidate that has taken the PXT test and you didn’t score their results, you are not charged for the assessment.

One meter scores one PXT Select assessment.

# of Meters Price per Meter
1 - 34 Meters
$295.00 per Meter
35 - 99 Meters
$250.00 per Meter
100+ Meters
$200.00 per Meter

Ask us your questions

One assessment, multiple reports:

Selection Reports:

This powerful report helps you make smarter hiring decisions with confidence and gives you a meaningful edge in your screening and hiring process. Learn about a candidate’s overall fit for a position, and gain further insights with customized interview questions.

This is the best report to use for selection of a candidate with a sales focus. Eight critical sales practices are identified and discussed: Prospecting, Initiating Contact, Building & Maintaining Relationships, Closing the Sale, Self-Starting, Resourcefulness, Coachability, Working with a Team

Understand how your candidate leads.

Is your candidate bold or deliberate? Are they more trusting or skeptical?

Understand how your candidate would make decisions as a leader based on six areas: Creating a Vision; Developing Strategies; Ensuring Results; Inspiring People; Being Approachable; Mentoring Others.

Each area has three associated behavioral continuums so you can get key-insights into your candidate’s leadership style.

Compare your candidates with ease. With the Multiple Candidates report you can compare and contrast candidates for a single position all within one report.

Compare a candidate or employee to multiple jobs in your organization with ease. 

Onboarding / Development Reports:

What makes PXT so powerful is how much of the hiring process it can assist your organization with. The following on-boarding reports are all included for free:

During the hiring process, see how a potential candidate fits an existing team.

If the candidate is hired, use this report to address your current team’s dynamics and strengths, or use it as a way to announce your candidate as a new team member so everyone can get a glimpse of the new team dynamics.

During the hiring process, get a sneak-peak into how your behaviors would match with your potential new-hire.

If the candidate is hired, use this report to help managers discover how they can work more effectively with their employees.

Wish you had coaching advice tailored to your employee? This report gives you exactly that needed advice.

Use the Sales Coaching Report for on boarding, training, or coaching using sales-related coaching tips. The information provided on this report is specific to your candidate/employee.

Providing feedback to candidates who aren't hired

How do you tell a candidate that they didn’t get the position? Does your organization have a process for relaying this news?

Often, candidates apply for positions because they are already a customer or a promoter of your organization. While it will always be difficult to tell someone they didn’t get the position – PXT would allow you to give them feedback in a non-judgmental way through their feedback reports.

These reports are designed to hide the model that you used in your hiring decision, while giving your candidate valuable information that they can use personally. This simple gesture shows that you valued them as a candidate, and maintains your relationship with them.

Participant Reports

Individual’s Feedback Report – This narrative report doesn’t reveal scores and is perfectly safe to share with applicants.
Sales: Individual Feedback Report – The report provides a narrative around a candidate’s results with a sales focus.
Individual’s Graph – The graph illustrates a candidate’s results that you can view at a glance.

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