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PXT Select: Customer Service Hiring Assessment

The PXT Select Customer Service hiring assessment provides information that customer-facing organizations can use to attract and develop people with the traits and skills to excel in customer service roles. The assessment helps companies maximize their brand recognition, minimize the cost of bad hires, and deliver outstanding brand experiences that positively impact the bottom line.

This assessment measures how well a person’s customer service-oriented traits fit specific customer service roles within your organization. It also helps you define what outstanding customer service means for your organization to ensure alignment and consistency in how customer service is delivered. The assessment takes about 45 minutes to complete, and provides the following insights:

  1. Personality Traits
  2. How the candidate approaches customer service
  3. Easy to use Comparison Reports

Customer Service Hiring Assessment

Hiring assessments can help any organization identify the right candidate for a position by measuring personality traits. Personality plays a large role in how a candidate fits into a position. However, what constitutes our personality?

Many selection assessments only account for behavioral traits, but our ability to think and speak also plays a major part in our personality. For this reason, the PXT Customer Service hiring assessment measures 6 behavioral traits along with simple cognitive abilities in math and vocabulary.

These characteristics will help hiring managers understand how a candidate will perform within their customer service position. The PXT Customer Service assessment measures six behavioral styles and two cognitive proficiencies:

Behavioral Styles

  1. Trust
  2. Tact
  3. Empathy
  4. Conformity
  5. Focus
  6. Flexibility

Cognitive Proficiences

  • Vocabulary
  • Numerical

Each trait is measured in terms of low amounts of the behavior to high amounts of the behavior. Depending on the position, each range will differ. Some customer service roles require the agent to ask more questions and to be less trusting – other positions require the opposite. The PXT Select Customer Service assessment will help organizations benchmark the correct levels. Here is an overview of each behavioral trait that is measured:

Trust – tendency to hold an unquestioning belief that the motives of others are honorable. Candidates that receive a low score in this are more skeptical, vigilant, and wary. Candidates that score high in this section are more unquestioning, uncritical, and accepting.

Tact – the ability to state a position without offending others. Candidates that receive a low score in this area are more direct and forthright. Candidates that score high on this trait are more discreet, diplomatic, and restrained.

Empathy – the tendency to comply with the rules and those in authority. Those with high empathy are more compassionate and sensitive. Candidates with low empathy are more detached, indifferent, or impersonal.

Conformity – Tendency to comply with the rules and those in authority. High conformity equates to being comfortable with authority and rules. Lower scores represent individualized thinking and willingness to question inefficient procedures.

Focus – the ability to pursue an objective regardless of distractions. Candidates with high focus are self-discipline. Lower scores reflect someone who is easily disrupted. This section is very important for work environments that offer little order or privacy.

Flexibility – the ability to explore new approaches to doing things; open to change. Someone with high flexibility is associated with being open to change.

PXT Customer Service Hiring assessment

In addition to the six behavioral traits, PXT also measures vocabulary and a candidate’s ability to solve numerical problems. These insights are important to help give a fuller picture about a candidate’s personality.

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Measuring Customer Service Perspectives

Many organizations spend lots of time troubleshooting their customer’s experience. Whether your organization has an established customer service perspective, or your organization is still developing what that experience looks like, the Customer Service profile will test a candidate on 50 Customer service traits.

These insights will help managers to understand how aligned a candidate already is with the customer service experience that is expected in the position, or it will help them know what training is needed once the candidate is on-boarded.

The PXT Customer Service hiring assessment will ask 50 questions that are determined based on the customer service industry:

  1. Financial Services
  2. Health Care
  3. Hospitality
  4. Retail

Each industry has its own set of questions that were created based on industry survey feedback. Before a candidate takes the Customer Service selection assessment, the hiring managers will answer the perspective based on the industry of the position. These answers are compared to what the candidate answers and show as a percentage after the candidate completes the assessment.

Customer Service Hiring assessment

The Customer Service perspective is invaluable in terms of understanding how a candidate approaches different situations as a customer service representative. 

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Compare candidates easily & effectively

The PXT Customer Service selection assessment easily shows how your candidate’s different behaviors. The insights are presented in a way where anyone on the hiring team can understand the results and use them within the hiring process.

This report lists the graphs with the performance model that was used that is specific to your position. In addition, it lists each candidate by showing their initials where they scored on the assessment.

This allows managers the ability to quickly see where each candidate falls for each behavioral trait. Furthermore, it can help teams decide as a group if a certain candidate should move forward in the hiring process.

The ease of use makes this tool effective. There is little doubt about both the strengths and concerns of each candidate. In turn, this allows for deeper conversations and alignment on how hiring teams should move forward in the selection process.

Customer Service Selection assessment

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