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Leadership Essentials for Supervisors

10 quick facts!

Why leadership training?

Supervisors have the most contact with the largest part of your workforce. This means their leadership skills will significantly affect employee engagement and results. Supervisors are usually selected for their role because they are excellent individual contributors. However, even for standout employees, leadership skills are new skills to learn and require training and experience to master. Learning these skills can make the difference between average or exceptional leadership.

The training program

The Leadership Essentials Series can be facilitated by your in-house or external trainers. 

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The Leadership Essentials Series provides a framework for leaders to learn practical management skills.

This series contains 12 separate modules that cover the essential skills all supervisors should have.

Organizations can choose to have their leaders go through every module or pick and choose which modules are most needed for any given cohort of leaders.

After the course, each leader receives access to a free reinforcement tool. This tool includes a scoreboard to engage learners through the use of friendly competition.

Recognition for the Leadership Essentials Series:

Attend one of our upcoming webinars to evaluate Vital Learning’s supervisory content for your organization. During these complimentary sessions, you will:

  • Experience some learning activities from a module
  • See the content from the learner’s perspective
  • Gain access to sample materials used in the training
  • Get a big picture of the series.
Leadership Essentials Course Matrix
Vital Learning Leadership
  • Small/Medium Class Sizes

    Each module is designed for up to 21 participants per class.

  • Classroom Practice Sessions

    Each course in the series includes up to six practice sessions allowing participants to learn by doing.

  • Environment-Specific Learning

    Course content is even more applicable with work environment-specific settings. Choose from industrial, office, or healthcare.

  • Included Reinforcement

    Each module in this series comes with a free reinforcement tool called Vital Boost. This app uses gamification to help learning stick.

Online Course

Digital workbook and online course
$ 49
per course
  • Digital worksheets
  • Free reinforcement tools
  • Self-paced microlearning

Classroom Learning

Participant workbook for in-person or virtual class
$ 54
per participant*
  • Flexible delivery options
  • Free reinforcement tools
  • Engaging activities

Blended Learning

Online course and in-person participant workbook
$ 70
per participant*
  • Accommodates tight schedules
  • Free reinforcement tools
  • Engaging activities
Best Value

VitalPass = unlimited learning!

Access all of Vital Learning’s award winning content in a convenient annual subscription. Check out the video to learn more or contact us. 

Facilitation for the Leadership Essentials

Leadership Essentials Series Facilitator Guide

Each module in the Leadership Essentials Series has an accompanying facilitator’s guide. These materials are designed for anyone to use with no certification requirement. 

Each set of materials includes information on how to run the module and classroom activities. To help you prepare, we also provide on-demand train-the-trainers at no additional cost.

Need help finding the right solution?

The Leadership Essentials Series

- Twelve Modules -

The twelve modules of the Leadership Essential Series can be completed in any order. However, we recommend starting with the Essential Skills of Leadership and/or the Essential Skills of Communicating. Pick and choose the courses that meet the needs of your managers and supervisors. For suggestions on planning your coursework, please give us a call at (847) 259-0005.

Watch a Train-the-Trainer

Get up and running with the Leadership Essentials quickly and experience the greatest delivery success with our on-demand train-the-trainers (TTT). Available for each module in the Leadership Essentials Series, these recordings include extra and alternate activities, enhancements, check-lists, and delivery tips. To help you evaluate Vital Learning’s content, we will provide you with free access to one module to give you an in-depth look at a model and support you in your vetting process. Each set of facilitation materials comes with the accompanying train-the-trainer.
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