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Coaching Job Skills Facilitator Guide


Coaching Job Skills Facilitator Guide

The Coaching Job Skills Facilitator Guide is a comprehensive resource for anyone who will be responsible for leading a face-to-face (in-person or hybrid) Coaching Job Skills training program for managers or supervisors. The Facilitation Guide covers everything that is involved when planning and delivering a Coaching Job Skills training session.

The Coaching Job Skills Facilitation Program provides materials to teach two key concepts:

  1. Determining if Coaching or Training is Needed – Participants discover the difference between performance gaps resulting from bad or no training, outputs that don’t meet standards and personal work habits. 
  2. What Makes Excellent Training? – Participants will identify, discuss, and assess the attributes of an exceptional training experience. 

To support the learning of these key concepts, the Coaching Job Skills facilitation guide provides the following resources:

  • Positive Model Review – The positive model review uses video and written scenarios to help participants learn and digest the course’s key concepts.
  • Skill Practice – Facilitators will have just under 2 hours of skill practice facilitation content that they can use to have learners engage in the course content.
  • Reinforcement – At the conclusion of the Coaching Job Skills training program, facilitators will be able to introduce and turn on a reinforcement resource that will allow participants to practice what they have learned on their own time.

The Coaching Job Skills Facilitator Guide is designed to be used exclusively with the Coaching Job Skills participant workbook. Vital Learning publishes both the workbook and the facilitation program. This course is one module of a 12-module series titled Leadership Essentials. You can facilitate this course on its own or include it as part of a larger management training series using the other modules.

Who is the Coaching Job Skills Facilitator Guide designed for?

The facilitator guide is designed for anyone who is tasked to deliver and conduct management training. If you are seeking a turn-key management training solution that teaches managers how to coach and train their employees better on the job, this facilitator guide is for you!

What is the length of this course?

The live class is designed to be delivered in under 4 hours.

What is included with the Coaching Job Skills Facilitator Guide?

Upon the successful purchase of this facilitator guide, you will receive the following:

  • Scripted leaders guide
  • Powerpoint
  • Instructions about additional materials needed to run each activity (flip charts, etc.)
  • Videos and scripts for skill practice

Participant/Learner Coaching Job Skills workbooks are required to use this course and are sold separately.