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Communicating Up

Communicating Up teaches managers how they can manage their own boss/supervisor’s expectations.

Management Training: Communicating Up

The Communicating Up course teaches managers and supervisors how to manage the expectations of their own bosses. This skill set is crucial since managers and supervisors often must act as a bridge between the team they manage and their own superior’s goals and expectations. This course is just one module of a 12-module, off-the-shelf management training series called The Leadership Essentials Series, which Vital Learning publishes.

Communicating Up teaches the following management skills:

  • How to identify the best communication style to use with your manager
  • Best practices for communicating with your manager
  • How to match your communication style to your manager’s style

The course also includes activities and exercises that allow participants to practice how to communicate with their boss or superior.

Who Should Take the Coaching Job Skills Course?

This course is designed only for managers or supervisors who have a direct boss or supervisor that they report to. This course can be used with new or experienced managers. It has been used within a leadership development program and a new management development program.

What is the length of this course?

The live class is designed to be delivered in under 4 hours. The Hybrid and Online version length will vary depending on how long it takes the learner to complete their self-paced work.

How Is This Management Training Delivered?

This course is available in the following formats:

Requirements for teaching this training program:

The live class version (face-to-face /in-person/hybrid formats) has a few requirements:

  • The facilitator must purchase and use the Communicating Up facilitator guide.
  • Classes must have a minimum of 9 managers and a maximum of 21 participants.