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Managing Complaints

Management Training: Managing Complaints

Managing Complaints is a 4-hour management training course that teaches participants how to manage complaints from customers and team members effectively. The course covers topics such as identifying the underlying issues of a complaint, using active listening skills, and applying Skill Points to resolve complaints. The course also includes exercises, videos, and skill practice to help participants apply their learned skills.

Here is a more detailed breakdown of the Managing Complaints course content:

  • Key Concepts: This section introduces the concept of complaints as symptoms of underlying issues, and it teaches participants how to use active listening skills to identify the true cause of a complaint.
  • Skill Points: This section introduces Skill Points, a set of tools to help participants manage complaints.
  • Foundational Skills: This section covers the foundational skills that participants need to use Skill Points effectively.
  • Skill Practice: This section provides participants with an opportunity to practice using Skill Points in a variety of scenarios.
  • Reinforcement: This section discusses how participants can continue to develop and apply the skills learned in the course.
  • Summary: This section reviews the key concepts of the course and encourages participants to use the skills learned on the job.

Managing Complaints is published by Vital Learning. This course is one module of a 12-module leadership development series called the Leadership Essentials Series. This course can be used on its own or within a larger management training program.

Who Should Take the Managing Complaints Course?

This course is ideal for managers and supervisors who want to improve how they manage complaints or for anyone who was identified as needing to improve in this area as a manager. This course can be used within a new management development program or as a continuing education course.

What is the length of this course?

The live class is designed to be delivered in under 4 hours. The Hybrid and Online version length will vary depending on how long it takes the learner to complete their self-paced work.

How Is This Management Training Delivered?

This course is available in the following formats:

Course Delivery Price
Physical Workbook $54.00
Hybrid (Physical workbook + Online course) $75.00
Online $49.00

Requirements for teaching this training program:

The live class version (face-to-face /in-person/hybrid formats) has a few requirements:

    • The facilitator must purchase and use the Managing Complaints facilitator guide.
    • Classes must have a minimum of 9 managers and a maximum of 21 participants.