The Five Behaviors of a Cohesive Team

The Five Behaviors of a Cohesive Team

Based on Pat Lencioni's NY Times best selling book: The Five Dysfunctions of a Team.

How would you describe your team?

Is there trust among team members? Does your team use conflict as a tool to create better results?

In 2013 Wiley Publishing, in partnership with The TEAM Approach and other organizations, began developing a team development program that combines the power of DiSC® with Patrick Lencioni’s team development model. The result – The Five Behaviors of a Cohesive Team™.

The program engages your team as they go through the five stages of : trustconflictcommitmentaccountability, and results in  a process similar to that of the characters in Lencioni’s fable The Five Dysfunctions of a Team. Every team is at a different stage of development so The Five Behaviors process will be completely unique to every team that decides to use it.

How Does the Five Behaviors Program Work?

The Five Behaviors of a Cohesive Team process includes two basic components:

  • A Five Behaviors individual assessment
  • A facilitated session in which the team reviews the group results and makes plans for improvement. 

To fully experience the power of the Five Behaviors program, your team will need to set aside time for a facilitated program once completing their assessment. The good news is that the Five Behaviors program is fully customizable to meet your team’s time needs.

The Five Behaviors Individual Assessment:

Each team member’s feedback assessment has 3 parts:

  1. A full individual assessment using the latest Adaptive Testing response technology. This assessment can be powered by Everything DiSC or a version of MBTI called All Types.
  2. A 20-question Team Survey that explores the team’s current perceptions of their team based on Lencioni’s five elements.
  3. A Team Culture section that allows team members to provide feedback on how to improve performance on this team.

The Five Behaviors Facilitated Session:

To help give you a sense of what’s involved in the facilitated session, we have provided an outline of each module that is included in the facilitation materials. These materials were designed with Patrick Lencioni and are based on a process he has used successfully over many years.

In the facilitation, each module builds on the previous one, helping participants see how each behavior serves as a foundation for the next. Exercises within each of the modules give participants an opportunity to begin practicing the behaviors.

Further, DiSC®, or AllTypes® (MBTI), styles are used as a point of reference in each of the five behavior modules, allowing participants to see how their own and their teammates’ styles affect their work as a team.

Program Overview

Module 1 › Introduction

  • Introduces The Five Behaviors of a Cohesive Team model

Module 2 › Building Trust

  • Teaches the concept of vulnerability-based trust

Module 3 › Mastering Conflict

  • Helps participants understand the benefits of healthy conflict

Module 4 › Achieving Commitment

  • Shows how clarity and buy-in are key to achieving commitment

Module 5 › Embracing Accountability

  • Stresses the importance of peer-to-peer accountability

Module 6 › Focusing on Results

  • Emphasizes that collective results are more important than individual goals

Module 7 › Review and Action Plan/Wrap-Up

  • Allows participants to review what they’ve learned and create an action plan to improve the team’s effectiveness

The Five Behaviors of a Team training program has the potential to help truly dysfunctional teams recognize their differences and move forward to a more cohesive team. That said, facilitating these conversations and navigating broken relationships is sometimes a skill that Learning Professionals or trainers might not have much experience in.

We now offer a comprehensive Accreditation for the Five Behaviors of a Team Program. This program not only reviews how to best use the materials that are associated with the Five Behaviors Team Training, but also helps facilitators and trainers practice navigating through difficult conversations. 

What does the Five Behaviors Program Cost?

The Five Behaviors process involves three investments that you will need to keep in mind as you decide if you want to roll out this program with your clients or within your organization:

  • Facilitation Materials – Optional but highly recommended
  • Individual Assessments which result in a team report
  • Facilitation Costs

Five Behaviors Facilitation Materials

What’s in the box?

  • Fully designed PowerPoint
  • Embedded Videos
  • Leaders Guide
  • Support materials including takeaway cards

Five Behaviors Individual Report

We are happy to administer these reports or we will get you set up with an Administration account hosted through EPIC

Quantity Price Per Profile
1 - 7
8 - 14
15 - 21
22 - 28

Training Costs

If you are a consultant, or an in-house facilitator, these costs are determined by you; but we will support you to ensure that you feel comfortable conducting this program. We do recommend the Wiley accreditation program for trainers and coaches who are interested in this program.

If you are a team leader, or an executive in your organization, interested in the Five Behaviors process, we are happy to provide you a proposal to facilitate your sessions.

Please call (847) 259-0005.

We want to learn more about your team and objectives.

Sample Reports (All are included in the cost of the Individual Report)

Team Report

Team Progress Report

Team Poster

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