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Review: Everything DiSC® Catalyst Improvements and Added Features

Everything DiSC on Catalyst Price increase

What's Changed Since The Last Price Increase

On July 1st, 2024, Everything DiSC on Catalyst will become a little more expensive.

We recognize that many organizations have a limited budget for L&D, professional development, and team development. While the price of this tool will increase, we believe that it is well worth its new price tag.

In the past two years, Catalyst has added a number of new features, layouts, and functionalities. We wanted to take a moment to showcase how Catalyst has changed and our perspective of where Catalyst is going in the future.

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Everything DiSC on Catalyst: Features Timeline

September 2022

Catalyst Groups is Released

Everything DiSC Catalyst Price Increase - Your GroupsCatalyst groups allow all Catalyst users to explore how the culture can shift on any team.

This free tool allows learners to see any team or group’s style on the DiSC map, see insights based on style, and find unique perspectives about each group.

Everything DiSC Catalyst Factilition kit owners receive a free training module that allows them to introduce how teams can use this tool for additional learning and team-building activities.

September 2022

April 2023

Group Continua is Released

Catalyst Price Increase - Group Continua

Everything DiSC on Catalyst continues to provide learners with unique ways to view DiSC data by releasing Group Continua.

The Group Continua feature is a unique way to discuss a Group or Team’s culture because it calls out key features of each individual’s styles in a digestable and understandable format.

April 2023

July 2023

Conversation Starters is Released

Everything DiSC Catalyst Conversation Starters - Price Increase

Conversation Starters offers an easy and quick way for teams to engage in team-building activities on their own. It equips teams to talk about personality-based differences and how they affect group performance—culminating in clear action steps for the future. 

July 2023

December 2023

Catalyst Bulk Upload Tool

Catalyst Price Increase - Bulk Upload Feature


For the past 4 years, any past DiSC Classic or Everything DiSC  (non-Catalyst) learner could upgrade their profile to Catalyst for free!

In December of 2023, Wiley re-confirmed their commitment to learners using this tool by allowing EPIC administrators an easier function to upgrade past learners.

December 2023

January 2024

Get Advice Feature is Released

Catalyst Price Increase - Get Advice Feature is released

One of the best features of Catalyst was how it allows individuals to learn how to communicate with someone based on DiSC insights more effectively. 

By combining DiSC® with personalized insights and practical strategies, learners can confidently tackle tough interpersonal situations.

January 2024

What's next for Catalyst?

This timeline offers a quick overview of all the changes over the past two years.

So, what’s next? While we don’t have any guaranteed releases, we can share our conversations and product insights that we were invited to test over the past few months to give you an idea of what’s on the horizon for Catalyst.

Non-English Translations

Catalyst is long overdue for being available in a language other than American English. We believe that Catalyst will likely add non-English translations in the future.

Facilitation / Admin Features

Over the past year, Wiley has tested administration functions, allowing administrators and trainers to leverage data on Catalyst for their training programs or organizational needs. This includes pulling large group maps and lists of users based on DiSC Styles. We were fortunate to work with Beth Keup, Sr. Product Researcher at Wiley, where she tested some of these new features with a few of our clients during a recent beta test. We are excited to see how these beta tests have materialized into a more concrete administrative function.

Catalyst Platform Navigation Improvements

This area could have been included in the timeline as well, but it’s an area that Wiley is committed to continually improving. Dave Kuntz is the VP of Product Development and Platform Strategy at Wiley. Kuntz has spoken with us about how he leverages data to understand what learners aren’t doing on the platform. They take those insights to make changes to ensure the platform remains engaging and useful for the end user.

Catalyst Learning Segments

Over the past few months, Mark Scullard, Sr. Director of Product Innovation, has spoken at length about how Managers can leverage Catalyst to gain personalized insights about their employees, which they can use to help their team and the organization navigate change. We know that Mark’s team was exploring a potential Change Management product that never materialized. Perhaps we will see some of that content as a new learning segment.

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