Essential Skills of Leadership

Essential Skills of Leadership

In just one half-day, you can equip team leaders with the skills that are essentials to their leadership.

These foundational skills make the difference between highly engaged teams and disengaged teams,  estimated to cost between five and six billion annually to US business alone. These skills are surprisingly simple, but not common practice. Here are the core skills in the Essential Skills of Leadership:

  • Develop or maintain team member self-esteem
  • Focus on behavior (not attitudes)
  • Encourage team member participation
  • Lead Effective Meetings
Essential Skills of Leadership

Course overview:

The Essential Skills of Leadership focuses on helping leaders connect the dots between what’s expected of them as leaders and how to do it. The course starts by outlining a learning path that includes how leaders will learn how to focus on employee behaviors (not attitudes). then, leaders will learn how to maintain or enhance their direct reports self-esteem. Furthermore, leaders will learn how to effectively run team meetings that encourage team member participation.

Leaders end the course by completing a variety of scenarios where they must use the skills they learned. After, they will receive follow-up activities to ensure that what they learned is both used and retained.

Learning Objectives

  1. Achieve specific leadership tasks by deploying a problem-solving discussion method to lead meetings and empower others.
  2. Acknowledge contributions, results, and accomplishments to enhance self-esteem.
  3. Base discussions about performance and work habits on behavior rather than on personalities and attitudes.
  4. Involve team members in goal setting, problem-solving, and decision-making.
  5. Deploy meeting management skills to meet the goals of the meeting in the available time.

In-person, Online or Blended learning options

Are you a new manager looking to learn how to effectively coach your direct reports? Perhaps you are an HR professional looking to bolster your organization’s leadership development program by teaching Leadership Skills. This course fits both training needs because it is available in multiple formats.

Classroom Learning

Designed for 9-21 leaders. Industry-specific skill training. Physical workbooks

Online Learning

Perfect for individuals or teams. Includes free follow-up tools.

Blended Learning

Fully customizable solution. Combines the best of the in-person and online options.

What does the course cost?

The pricing below is for a single workbook or single online course credit for one leader.

Education pricing is available for workforce development programs through local colleges. Organizations that have 25 or more managers are able to purchase a subscription to the full course. Please email us for details.

Free and engaging follow-up training

Regardless of the training option that you choose, you will receive access to follow-up tools that will help leaders retain and apply what they learn. The tools range from printable handouts that leaders will use as a guide as they apply what they learned on the job.

  1. On-the-job guide – leaders will be able to review key points that will help them during their day-to-day responsibilities as managers.
  2.  Follow-up activities – All courses include 6-weeks of micro-learning activities. These activities are used as competitions when the training is used in a group learning format.
Vital Learning Leadership

Frequently Asked Questions

Supervisors, team leaders, and managers. If you or your organization have a position that oversees direct reports and is responsible for them, this course is for you.

Individuals in this position don’t need to be new to the position. This course work is for all managers and supervisors. 


There are separate facilitation materials which include a leader’s guide and powerpoints that trainers and coaches can use to conduct this training.

If your organization doesn’t have access to a trainer, we are able to conduct or recommend someone to run the training.

In-person/blended learning classes: We recommend hosting these classes with 9-21 participants. 

If your organization has too few supervisors or managers, we recommend using the online training.


The classroom or blended learning options use facilitation materials and a leader’s guide so any corporate trainer or consultant is able to buy the materials and use them immediately.

We provide on-demand train-the-trainers to help facilitators and trainers learn the course work. We are also available to answer questions about the course and its application.

The length of the course depends on which format you use:

  • In-person, classroom training takes 4-5 hours
  • Online training takes 1-2 hours
  • Blended Training takes 2-3 hours

All options include 6-weeks of follow-up, micro-learning activities.

Yes! All Leadership Essential courses are SCORM compliant.

If your organization doesn’t have an LMS, we can provide LMS access as a way for you to track which courses your leaders use.

The courses are tailored for office, industrial, and healthcare settings. However, the skills that are covered are the same across these different settings.

Yes! The publisher of this course has partnered with the University of Phoenix and the courses are accredited.

Are You Ready To Start?

Try our pilot package: Buy 20 workbooks and get a free facilitation kit.

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