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EPIC Account Starter Bundles

EPIC Account Starter bundles are packaged to meet the needs of anyone new to facilitating Everything DiSC assessments and Five Behaviors assessments. These packages range from 0 credits to 1,000 credits. You can use an EPIC account to issue the following assessment products that are published by John Wiley and Sons

Everything DiSC

  • Everything DiSC Workplace
  • Everything DiSC Management
  • Everything DiSC Agile EQ
  • Everything DiSC Productive Conflict
  • Everything DiSC Work of Leaders
  • Everything DiSC Sales
  • Everything DiSC Group Reports

Five Behaviors

  • Five Behaviors of a Team
  • Five Behaviors Personal Development

DiSC Classic

  • DiSC Classic 2.0
  • DiSC Classic Group Reports

There is a one-time $95 fee to open an account if you are opening an account with less than 500 credits. We waive this fee if you purchase an account with 500 credits or more.