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DiSC® Classic Paper Profile


The DiSC Paper Profile (DiSC Personal Profile 2800 Series) is the original DiSC Assessment. This paper instrument provides a learner with their primary DiSC Style and Classical DiSC Pattern Profile.

The DiSC® Classic Paper Profile (Personal Profile System 2800®) is a paper tool used to help someone discover their DiSC style. Originally produced by Carlson Learning, Performax, and Inscape, John Wiley & Sons now owns and publishes this tool.

The DiSC Paper Profile Assessment asks a learner to answer 28 questions where they indicate which adjectives are ‘most’ or ‘least’ likely to describe their behavior and personality. The paper assessment uses a ‘scratch-off’ mechanism where a symbol appears under the learner’s choice. After answering all 28 questions, the learner will add each symbol and plot their Classic DiSC Line Graph. This report also includes information about someone’s classical DiSC pattern for additional insights into your communication and behavioral preferences.

This DiSC Personal Profile System 2800 assessment takes around 20 minutes to complete and can only be used once.