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Free Sample Reports by Wiley

Download Free DiSC® Sample Reports

View free DiSC report samples and other development reports, published by Wiley’s Workplace Learning Solutions (formerly Inscape Publishing). These reports are generated from a system called EPIC (Electronic Profile Information Center). You can purchase instant access codes for these assessments directly from our store, or you can distribute the assessments from your personal EPIC account. For new EPIC accounts, please check out our EPIC Starter Bundles.

DiSC Classic Sample Reports

Everything DiSC Sample Reports

Cost of EPIC Credits

To determine your cost per report multiply the number of credits needed by the cost per credit.

If you just want to order an access code and don’t want an EPIC account, please visit our product page.

Price per EPIC Credit.

If you are a new client see our EPIC Account Starter Bundles for new accounts.

Credit Quantity Price per Credit
1 - 249 Credits $5.40 / credit
250 - 499 $5.10 / credit
500 - 749 $4.85 / Credit
750 - 999 $4.70 / Credit
1000 - 1499 $4.55 / Credit
1500 - 1999 $4.45 / Credit
2000+ $4.35 / Credit
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