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Team Dimensions Group Report

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Facilitators are aware of the value of comparing and contrasting group members’ roles. The Team Dimensions Profile 2.0 Group Report helps both the facilitator and the team itself capitalize on strengths to build a more productive and satisfying team environment.
*If you purchase your group report and assessments together, we will send you the group report once all of the individual results are in. Please call us with questions.
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The Team Dimensions Profile 2.0 Group Report provides the following  information:

  • Brief overview of the five team roles
  • Percentage of group members in each role
  • Team Dimensions Map showing the role distribution of team members
  • Graphic summary of the group’s priorities
  • Discussion of the group’s strengths and limitations in the context of the "Z" Process
  • Individual Data Table listing the name of each team member and his or her primary role and secondary tendency.

The report is built from the data of individual Team Dimensions 2.0 Online Profiles.

If you purchase instant access codes from our website or if you issue this report from your EPIC account, you will need to wait until everyone has completed their report before a Team Dimensions Group Report is created.

The Team Dimensions Group Report costs $64.50 or 15 EPIC credits.

Team Dimensions 2.0

In order to receive a group report, you must have 2 or more completed Team Dimensions 2.0 reports. The group report is not available if you’ve taken the paper assessment.
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