Team Dimensions Profile

The Team Dimensions Profile

The Team Dimensions profile helps to explain a person’s most effective role in relationship to their team. The assessment tests a person’s work preferences to identify their particular style. The basic styles are Creator, Advancer, Executor, Refiner, or Flexor. The goal is to align people with work they enjoy and want to actually perform.  A unique Z-Process helps the team move quickly from ideation to execution taking advantage of the natural skills of each member.

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Team Dimensions Profile

Team Roles

  • Creator: Generate new ideas and fresh concepts.
  • Advancer: Move new ideas forward.
  • Refiner: Analyze solutions and look for flaws.
  • Executor: Deliver concrete results.
  • Flexer: Individuals who are able to adapt their style to meet the needs of the team.

How Does the Team Dimensions Profile Work?

Have you worked on a team that seemed to always get stuck in the weeds of details? How about a team that was able to create hundreds of new ideas, but never able to follow-through and implement them?

Learn about the inner-workings of your team with this powerful report, and discover how to make your team more effective.

Featured in Ray Dalio’s, New York Times Best-selling book, PrinciplesThe Team Dimensions Profile helps individuals work from their strengths when part of a team. It identifies their most natural team role, while giving them additional appreciation for the contributions and talents of others. Organizations use it to build team unity, cultivate innovation, and reduce project cycle time.

Additionally, the profile introduces the “Z” Process to help teams understand the stages of a project. Team Dimensions Profile products include a paper version, an online version and group reports for the online version.  We can also provide support for facilitators based on our experience with the profile.

Purchase the Team Dimensions Profile in Two Formats:

Cost: $48.00 (Pricing based on Volume)

Respondents complete the assessment online and receive the report in a PDF. Teams are able to purchase a supplemental Group Report to show the distribution of their roles. 

Cost: $24.00 (Pricing based on Volume)

Respondents complete their Team Dimensions assessment in a self-scoring booklet. There is no supplemental group report available.

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