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The DiSC® “D” Personality Style Under Stress

The Everything DiSC “D” Personality Style Under Pressure

Understanding your Everything DiSC style and personality traits is a powerful tool. Equally important is to be able to understand to DiSC personality and behavioral preferences of others on your team. Imagine that you’re on a team working on a huge, organization-changing, once-in-a-lifetime project. Everything is going great until the deadline changes. The new deadline is aggressive, and you openly wonder if the team can deliver on time.

Your friend, a high D, feels the tension. And like others with the D Personality Type, when she is under stress, she lets everyone have it. 

“This deadline isn’t a problem if everybody just toughens up,” she fumes. “Am I the only one working late and on the weekends? What is wrong with people?”

You see, high D’s are likely to become impatient and demanding when the pressure builds. So your friend may lash out at others and berate people to get them moving. Her empathy may go on hiatus while she pushes others to meet her high standards, and it can appear that she cares only about achieving results. And yes, she can be brutally — and we mean brutally — honest about the situation.

So how does her blunt, take-no-prisoners attitude mesh with the other members of your team?

You can learn more about others’ behavioral styles and personality preferences and how they relate to you and your team by using the Everything DiSC Workplace Profile, Everything DiSC Comparison Reports, and the Group Culture Report.