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Learn the D Personality Type

Welcome to our series on the DiSC personality types! 

During this series, we explore each of the DiSC Personality Types. For this article, we will focus on the D Personality Type or D Style. DiSC is comprised of four personality types. Choose from one of the other personality types to learn about the other styles:

D Personality

D Personality

Learn about the D Personality Type

C Personality

C Personality

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i Personality

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S Personality

S Personality

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D Personality Type

Individuals with the D Personality Type exhibit three primary characteristics:

  1. Focus on Results
  2. Prone towards Action
  3. Enjoy Challenging new Information

People with the D style tend to be strong-willed individuals who prioritize results. Because they are so driven, they constantly look for new challenges and opportunities. They strive for success and won’t give up just because they run into a few obstacles.

They’re naturally determined to push to succeed. In addition, they prioritize action, so they focus on achieving their goals quickly and forcefully. Cautious and predictable environments are particularly tedious for them, and they may get impatient if others spend a lot of time analyzing ideas rather than acting on them.

Furthermore, those with the D style also prioritize challenge. Because they want to control outcomes, they’re often questioning and independent-minded. They are unlikely to accept things they’re unsure about, and they won’t hesitate to challenge ideas that they don’t agree with.


Getting immediate results, taking action, challenging themselves and others


Loss of control, being taken advantage of, vulnerability


Connecting with the D Personality Type

People with the D style like to get right to the point, and this might affect the way you relate to one another. They’re probably willing to be blunt in the interest of making rapid progress. To connect better with the D Personality, take these steps:

  • Move quickly to focus the discussion on the topic at hand.
  • Refrain from taking their bluntness personally.
  • Talk to them about the benefits of including others’ ideas, but focus on bottom-line results.

Managing Tension with the D Personality Type

Moving quickly, taking ownership, and being bold can make the D Personality difficult to work with. They can become competitive in conflict, and they may even become argumentative at times. As a result, they may assume that an issue is resolved when you still have bitterness or hurt feelings simmering beneath the surface.

  • Be aware that hiding your true feelings could be more harmful in the long run than speaking candidly.
  • Help them understand the larger picture.
  • Avoid giving in just to restore harmony.