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Learn the S Personality Type

Welcome to our series on the DiSC personality types! 

During this series, we explore each of the DiSC Personality Types. For this article, we will focus on the S Personality type or S Style. DiSC is comprised of four personality types. Choose from one of the other personality types to learn about the other styles:

D Personality

D Personality

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C Personality

C Personality

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i Personality

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S Personality

S Personality

Learn more about the S Personality Type

S Personality Type

People with the S style place a high value on providing support. They tend to be good listeners, and as a result, they’re often seen as patient and accommodating. They often focus on maintaining a predictable, orderly environment. Since they tend to be cautious, they may use a methodical pace and avoid rapid change whenever possible.

People with the S style also value collaboration. Because they appreciate a trusting, warm environment, they may go out of their way to make sure people feel included and accepted.

S Personality Type


Harmony, stability


Letting people down, rapid change


Overly accomodating, tendency to avoid change, indecisiveness

Connecting with the S Personality Type

People with the S style value cooperation and friendly interaction. Depending on your style, this might be easy to offer them or it might require some stretching on your part. Regardless of your style, here are a few tips that you can use to connect more easily with a person who has the S Personality Style:

  • Share what you’re really thinking and let them know that you genuinely want to hear their opinions.
  • Encourage each other to stretch outside of your comfort zones and take on new challenges.
  • Work collaboratively with them, but don’t let your shared trust allow you to overlook potential problems.

Managing Tension with the S Personality Type

S Type Personalities want to support others. It’s part of their behavioral foundation. When in conflict, they will want to regain harmony quickly. When a meeting or interaction gets tense, it’s important to take the following steps with someone who has an S Style:

  • Voice your opinions directly rather than tiptoeing around issues.
  • Express concern for their feelings and show a desire to resolve the conflict quickly but thoroughly.
  • Encourage them to speak up, as they may mask their true feelings.