Wiley DiSC Certification

Wiley DiSC® Certification

Online Certification run by Wiley.

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Wiley DiSC Certification

Become certified by the publisher of DiSC®

John Wiley & Sons’ DiSC Certification is designed to increase confidence and expertise in delivering the Everything DiSC Workplace program. In this DiSC Certification course, learners are taught directly by the publisher of Everything DiSC, John Wiley & Sons.

During this 2-week class, learners complete self-paced online work with bi-weekly, 120-minute live session. Learners must have a copy of the Everything DiSC Catalyst facilitation materials prior to joining this class, which is provided as part of the registration fee.

After the course, learners will receive a free EPIC account to administer Everything DiSC assessments. Furthermore, you will receive free support and follow-up training from our organization, Center for Internal Change.

Wiley's Online DiSC Certification Cost: $3,295*

*Price includes the Everything DiSC Workplace facilitation materials ($1,295 value).

Upcoming Wiley DiSC Certification Dates

Due to how quickly these courses fill up, we are no longer keeping updated course dates on this webpage.

Please contact us for the latest offerings or check out our other online DiSC certification option (facilitated by Rick and Susan Stamm or Jeannie Bril).

Where are the live online DiSC Certification sessions held?

Online training is frequently dismissed as a viable way to promote discussions. However, this course is designed to mirror the discussions that you would have in the in-person DiSC certification course through the use of break-out rooms. Before each session, you will complete pre-work that you will then use in discussions and activities during the live session.

Course Outline

Self-directed online learning only (3-4 hours) – Optional orientation session is provided this week.

This week’s activities will educate and build learners’ competency in:

  • The Everything DiSC Workplace assessment (learners will complete the assessment and receive their Profile)

  • Everything DiSC theory, model, and research

  • Everything DiSC support materials (Supplement for Facilitators, Group Culture, Facilitator, Team View, and Comparison Reports)

  • The Everything DiSC Family of Profiles

Learners will gain access to the Everything DiSC Workplace-specific learning 7 days after the course enrollment date.

Blended: Self-directed learning (1-2 hours) + 120-minute live virtual session

This week’s activities strengthen learners’ confidence in:

  • Facilitating and debriefing the Everything DiSC Workplace Profile and Supplement for Facilitator Report

  • Applying best practices on how to interpret and ® speak to challenging DiSC results and scenarios

  • Managing workshops by learning from experienced Everything DiSC facilitators who provide insights and considerations

Live Session: 120-minute instructor-led virtual session

Breakout Room Skill Practice: Supplement for Facilitator Case Study

Blended: Self-directed learning (1-2 hours) + 120-minute live virtual session

The activities during this week’s session deepen learners’ understanding of:

  • How DiSC style impacts the way facilitators connect to learners

  • Conducting a needs assessment to build a customized Everything DiSC Workplace workshop for a specific group

  • Considering strategies on creating a culture of DiSC within organizations and application ideas for MyEverythingDiSC

Live Session 2: 120-minute instructor-led virtual session

Breakout Room Skill Practice: Facilitating DiSC and Creating DiSC Activities

Blended: Self-directed learning (1-2 hours) + 120-minute live virtual session

Project Presentation: activities prepare learners for the project presentation. Learners will create a 15-minute presentation regarding their project team that includes:

  • A comprehensive needs assessment

  • An ‘outside the box’ activity

  • An action plan to keep DiSC alive

  • A suggested workshop evaluation


Live Session 3: 120-minute instructor-led virtual session

Breakout Room:

Project Presentation

Self-paced ~90-minutes

After completing both the in-class and self-paced work, participants are required to showcase their knowledge through a final exam. This exam will test participants’ knowledge of all of the coursework that they should have learned over the four-week certification process. After successful completion, participants will receive the bade of ‘Certified Everything DiSC Workplace Trainer‘. 

Wiley DiSC Certification Cancelation Policy

Wiley reserves the right to cancel this course at any time. Should this occur, refunds will be issued for the cost of the session.

Cancellations: Must be made two (2) business days prior to the course open date.

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We have certified hundreds of trainers and coaches over the years. If you have questions about this program, read our post on DiSC Certification questions from trainers and coaches! Alternatively, please feel free to fill out the form below with any specific questions that we can answer for you.

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When you complete the Everything DiSC Certification course, you will receive 15 SHRM PDCs.

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