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Frequently asked DiSC Trainer Certification questions

Completing a DiSC Trainer Certification isn’t required to conduct an Everything DiSC workshop. For this reason, many trainers often ask what benefits they can expect from completing a DiSC certification course.

In this blog post, we want to answer common questions we have received over the years so you can determine if joining a DiSC Trainer Certification course is right for you. We have certified hundreds of trainers of the years. We have found that certification isn’t always the best option for every trainer. This FAQ is designed to help you determine if our course meets your financial, training, and timing requirements.

DISC Trainer Certification FAQ

How much does a DiSC Trainer Certification cost?

Everything DiSC Certification costs $1,995 if you already have the Everything DiSC trainer materials. If you have purchased an Everything DiSC Workplace facilitation kit in the past, you are eligible to register at this price. However, if you don’t have these materials, you can register to join our class for $2,795. This will save you $400 on the cost of the Everything DiSC Workplace facilitation materials ($1,295 retail value).

Will this training help me coach people using DiSC?

Everything DiSC trainer certification focuses on running a successful Everything DiSC Workplace workshop. That said, the course also covers DiSC theory and how to use the supplemental reports that are included in the cost of an Everything DiSC Workplace report. Coaches who work more in a 1:1 setting will walk away with a better understanding of how to read and coach using the DiSC Workplace report, but this is not the primary objective of the course.

Coaches will benefit the most when we spend time understanding how DiSC styles might switch from one side of the graph to the other, and how to use the supplemental and comparison reports. During certification, coaches will have an opportunity to experience what it is like to both coach and be coached using the Workplace profile.

What are the steps to become certified in DiSC?

Becoming a certified DiSC trainer requires four steps once someone registers for a certification course:

  1. Complete all self-paced pre-work prior to joining a live class. Regardless if you join an in-person or online certification course, you are required to complete around 3-4 hours of pre-work. During this time, you will review DiSC theory, history, and how to analyze a DiSC profile.
  2. Join and participate in the live classes. Both in-person and online courses have a live session component. It’s required that you join every session.
  3. Present a Workplace Workshop practicum. Certification participants will need to plan and present how they will run a future Everything DiSC Workplace workshop using the knowledge that they learned from the course. Because each organization and team’s needs are unique a DiSC workshop should meet those needs. The practicum will allow trainers time to map out how they want to approach running their first workshop with time to hear feedback from other trainers that are completing the course.
  4. Pass the certification exam. This exam will take around 45-minutes to complete and is open book. The average score is 90%, and trainers can re-take it as many times as needed to pass.

I have used DiSC Classic 2.0 and other DISC tools in the past – how will this course help?

Everything DiSC Workplace uses the same DISC theory as many other DISC tools that are available today. That said, Everything DiSC Workplace offers the most personalized DISC profile, and certification for this tool offers a way for trainers to learn how to effectively teach using this specific tool. 

When a trainer uses an Everything DiSC profile in a class, they are able to also use the following reports; Comparison reports (free), Supplement for Facilitators report (free), Team View report (free), MyEverythingDiSC (free), and detail group analysis reports (25 EPIC credits). Trainers who are used to using DiSC Classic or other line-graph based DISC reports like Extended DISC will benefit from taking time to ensure they understand how to read Everything DiSC’s circular model.

Finally, DiSC Trainer certification allows some learning professionals the first time to really strategize and plan how to run a DiSC workshop. This opportunity is unique because you are required to present your plan for a future workshop with others in the class who will provide feedback on your plan. This opportunity allows you to both gain insight from someone outside of your organization and also gives you the ability to learn from others who are using the same tool within their organization.

What will I receive once I complete a DiSC training certification?

Trainers that complete certification will receive a certificate designating them as an Everything DiSC Workplace certified trainer. This badge will never expire, and learners don’t need to be re-certified at any point.

Additionally, learners will have a lifetime access to their online resources that cover DiSC theory and information on using the tools. We have found that access to these resources has helped numerous trainers as they prepared for the first live workshop, or if a participant in their workshop asked a difficult question during the training.

Finally, learners are also able to obtain 15 SHRM professional development credits (PDCs) after they complete their course. This is especially useful for HR Managers who are completing their SHRM Professional certification.

Is there an exam to become certified?

After successfully completing the DiSC Certification training, learners will need to pass an exam. The exam is open-book, and the average score on the exam is around a 90%.

Are there online DiSC certification courses available?

Because of COVID-19, we are not offering in-person certification classes this year. We hope to continue offering in-person DiSC Certification in 2021. The online course combines self-paced learning with a live, weekly class. During the weekly class, trainers will work in small groups like they would during the in-person class. The online certification class is particularly useful for trainers who haven’t run a DiSC training online as it will give them experience as a learner in a true online learning workshop.


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