Team Development

Every tool in our toolbox supports the development of stronger teams. Teamwork is the key to better results, greater innovation, and more fulfilled team members. Most teams have areas that could be improved. Our team toolbox provides a proven track record toward superior team performance.

Five Behaviors of a Cohesive Team

Are your teams working toward common goals? Do they leave meetings committed and then follow through on those commitments? Do they trust one another? This learning process is based on Patrick Lencioni’s best selling book, The Five Dysfunctions of a Team. Teams not only receive their team’s aggregated scores, but they learn how their DiSC style plays into each of the five behaviors.  Extensive materials support teams to make real and lasting changes. 

Features Include:
  • Fully scripted facilitator resources
  • Free and unlimited team progress reports
  • Free team member comparison reports
  • One-day and three-day facilitation formats available

Team Dimensions

Do ideas ever get stuck before they have a real chance? Does work ever take too long? Do people in your organization ever seem to cancel each other out? Team Dimensions looks at the roles we prefer during ideation, problem solving, and innovation. When teams understand and leverage these roles, innovation flourishes!

Features Include:
  • Overview of team roles
  • Explores each member's preferred role
  • Review of strengths and challenges
  • Improve team projects using the "Z" Process or Relay process

Everything DiSC Workplace

Teams challenges are frequently rooted in behavioral differences. Everything DiSC Workplace provides insight into  personal behavior and the behavior of others. Team members receive three strategies to help minimize the negative impacts which could be associated with their personal style. They learn relationship strategies to help them work more effectively with teammates who are similar or different from themselves.

Features Include:
  • Understanding of individual behavioral style
  • People reading skills to better relate to others
  • Fully scripted facilitation materials
  • Personalized relationship strategies with each assessment
Everything DiSC Group Map
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