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Listening Intelligence for Leaders & Teams (LIFT)


The LIFT Training program focuses on helping learners identify their listening style to improve how they communicate.

Listening Intelligence for Leaders & Teams (LIFT)

The Listening Intelligence for Leaders & Teams (LIFT) is a training program designed to improve how individuals listen and interpret information. Research has shown that our listening preferences are partly responsible for how we internalize and understand information. LIFT provides a structured training program that allows learners to identify their listening styles and adapt how they listen.

LIFT is easy to implement. It’s designed for trainers, coaches, HR, and L&D professionals who want to improve communication through listening in their organization.

The LIFT Facilitation Program includes:

  • The LIFT Facilitator’s/Leader’s Guide
  • An interactive LIFT Participant Workbook
  • PowerPoint slide decks for each of the LIFT training modules
  • A detailed LIFT training module timeline ​